Fallout 4: Stop Contradicting Yourself Gamers, It’s Embarassing

An EGMR writer addresses the complaints about the graphical quality of Fallout 4 given the series' history, arguing that we should be picking a better battle and instead be acknowledging the accurate representation of the game.

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ShugaCane1259d ago

People will always have something to complain about. Especially on the internet. The same individuals who are bashing the game are the first who are going to buy it.

Just don't mind them. They are irrelevant.

Orbilator1259d ago

I agree moaners everywhere, what they forget is If no one told you what the name of the game was you would know its fallout. That's part of the franchises ID.
Graphics look very nice and a massive leap from 3.
As long as the gameplay is not to tinkered with ill love fallout all over again. There is always so much to do besides the main quest

KyRo1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

The gameplay needs tinkering though. The core mechanics were there but the bajillion bugs, and poor frame rate (I had it on PS3 which I know was a bad port) made it not very fun for myself personally. I never under stood how if I was shoot enemies in the head played like a traditional FPS it would do no damage or very little, but when you go into the VAT system or whatever it was called, their heads would explode all over the place.

Skyrim was a much better game and felt a lot more fluid than fallout 3 due to engine refinement. I liked the idea of fallout but I think the limitations of last gen held it back. Hopefully this will be a lot more smooth to play.

SolidStoner1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Embarassing is to tell gamers what to do, what to play and what to want!

For me personally F4 looks good enough, considering it is a fallout game with all that stuff to do..

...just hope there is no level cap, and ability to continue story after finishing final quest..

thekhurg1259d ago

Everything needs improving in Fallout 4 though. The 3rd had pretty shallow gameplay, poor writing and poor graphics/sound.

Bethesda's long standing history of fetch quests and copy/paste gameplay from one title to the next really needs to be stopped and they need to fix everything.

mikeslemonade1259d ago

Ever thought that these aren't the same people complaining at both situations. I didn't much of a problem with the Witcher 3 downgrades. I have more of a problem with Fallout 4's sub-standard graphics.

kreate1259d ago


it's not just the ps3 version though. It's also the pc and 360 version.

check my trophies/achievements. Played it on all platforms Cuz I love the game so much.

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Septic1259d ago

The visuals are a bit disappointing but come on, this is Fallout. I for one am fed up with visually impressive games but with gameplay bereft of any real depth.

The Fallout games ooze depth, quality and great gameplay, great stories, massive scale and a great atmosphere. Raw visual fidelity is not as important as art style and Bloodborne is one example of that.

I think most people recognise that the visual 'issues' are not really that big a problem, or at least fans of the series or peeople who have played them will.

BecauseImBatman1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

The thing is (honestly) I don't see any visual issues, taking in to account the art style (cartoony 60s era) which is in keeping the previous Fallout games and it's the post apocalypse (the apocalypse isn't going to be a pretty place), how does this game not look great for a Fallout game ? It's a big improvement over the original in my eyes. I really just don't see the issue with the graphics... the environments look much more detailed (clutter, foliage etc.) and the lighting it much improved, atmosphere feels like a Fallout game. The only thing I really thought looked dodgy was the character models (which have always looked kind of crap in Bethesda games). Fallout has this charm and depth to it that not many games can achieve and that is why people love it in the first place, not for the visuals or graphic fidelity. When I watched that trailer for the first time, it felt and looked like Fallout and I seriously got goosebumps. That is what matters... if it feels and looks like Fallout, then they've got it right. I can't wait for this game.

showtimefolks1259d ago

at least the shore what the game actually look like instead off showing fake graphics while calling it in engine footage. Fallout isnt known for its graphics, instead its known for gameplay, interesting world, story choices weapons loot and a lot of content

Yes it would have been nicer to have better graphics. But I just want to play it

As long as the game is huge and fun to play in without any major bugs or glitches than I don't mind sacrificing the graphics a bur

Bethesda needs a new game engine

But this is freaking fallout we have been begging for so stop the complaining.

spacedelete1259d ago

you just know Bethesda is looking at the reactions of gamers with a long awaited game and probably feel depressed they work on a game for years and gamers throw it back in their face dispite begging for it for years.

freshslicepizza1259d ago

not sure i would call their opinions irrelevant when they are the first ones to buy the game? irrelevant opinions are from those who complain who never had any intentions of buying it.

yes the internet is a cesspool of negativity and conflict but some of that is just wanting the best product. with the witcher 3 people loved the amazing graphics from the early reveal but now feel the game was held back because the priority seems to have been making sure the consoles ran well enough. to be fair it takes a very beefy pc to get the game at a steady 60 frames with the settings ultra so it's probably no wonder they scaled some things back. but of course people have every right to question why the graphics don't look as good.

with fallout 4 people also have validity to expect good graphics too and you can see some character models look very flat but at least they are showing what is likely real game footage people with actually get. we are also talking huge environments much like the witcher 3 so we don't expect it to look as good as linear games.

honesty goes a long ways and if they are honest upfront then we will be more forgiving as long as the game itself is good.

Father__Merrin1259d ago

we know the game will be full of content to top it off it looks incredible unless someone can point put another game that looks like this being fully openworld?

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98xpresent1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I find nothing wrong with the trailer. And The people who are crying probably have never played a fallout game

WellyUK1259d ago

your getting disagree's but your right... People expecting a Fallout or elder scrolls game to be visually spectacular clearly haven't played the older games.


Skyrim and Oblivion for their time, were very visually impressive..

whats wrong with expecting as much of their new game?

WellyUK1259d ago

Oblivion was but Skyrim? That game was never impressive to me visually. It was with mods but vanilla was nothing amazing.

To me Fallout 4 looks good with exception to the dog which i admit looked pretty bad but everything else looked fine, Maybe they are aiming for 60 fps on console? who knows still will be a great game.

WitWolfy1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

If you dont mind playing with outdated visual then sell your current gen system and happily go back to your PS3/360.


Whats the point of next gen if devs dont take advantage of the hardware?

Hercules1891259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Why cant we be in the middle.I dont think Kim Kardashian is attractive in any way but that doesnt mean I want a Paris Hilton, Id rather have a more realistic Jennifer Lawrence. Just because we are ok with not having the most realistic graphics doesnt mean that we want a last gen looking game. I think Fallout 4 looks good enough to be considered next gen. It has great lighting effects that arent possible even in a linear PS3 game, it just needs better textures and that will come when the game gets closer to release. TW3 and MGSV look better but they look empty except for a few towns to explore, FO4 has many buildings to explore and its harder to program a full city than a desert or forest.

EditorAtGNG1259d ago

How are the visuals disappointing? I find the new color palette and draw distance quite spectacular. It also looks as gritty as Fallout 3 which is great (it was the thing that made the game's distinct in the first place).

chrisx1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Fallout has mostly never been about the visuals but about journey,the experience. Can't wait for this baby

akurtz1259d ago

Well it had unique visuals to be fair. Its art style is great! It made the journey more engaging.

Mouktouk1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I'm actually glad the trailer is like that. At least, Bethesda don't try to lure you with CGI, target renders or live action trailers. I wont have to think "Yeah that's what the trailer looks, how will look the game?".

After Watch_Dogs and Alien: Colonial Marines fiascos, plus the nunerous overly epic game trailers for underwhelming games (EA, Activision and Ubisoft say "Hi"), I think gamers deserve more fairness about the correct representation of their upcoming games.

Yes, the Fallout 4 trailer wasn't a huge graphical powerhouse, but at least Bethesda seemed honest with gamers, it didn't seem like a photorealistic CGI trailer, it wasn't a live action trailer that shows nothing of the game. It was just honest and not overpromising.

The game isn't out yet so we can't say if this is how Fallout 4 will look like, but it's more likely.
(and let's be honest, Bethesda games have always been technically average, but they had a great art direction and much content)

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