Did BioWare Just Take a Dump on PS3?

After confirming that the Mass Effect trilogy would not be coming to the Playstation 3, BioWare CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka commented that "the most important thing is quality, so we're never going to compromise that." Does that mean that developing for PS3 would compromise quality?

Here's yet another instance of nit-picking someone's words. While most 360 fans will almost certainly assume this is what Dr. Ray was saying (taking a subtle stab at the PS3), I think it's more than likely he just thinks starting development on Mass Effect for another console would be detrimental to the momentum they already have on the 360.

Then again, maybe he was ever so subtly professing his love for Xbox since BioWare was Xbox exclusive up until now. Who knows? Dr. Ray knows, but I'm sure he'll never come out and explicitly confirm anything. That's just not how BioWare rolls. They remain morally ambiguous and let you, the gamer, decide for yourself.

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QueefyB3765d ago

this is excellent news i will be playing as commander shephard again on my powerful pc

Twizlex3765d ago

Just curious, but what does that have to do with it NOT coming to PS3?

poos33765d ago

ps3 gimps all next gen game
gta 4 360 720p
gta 4 ps3 620p

ConanOBrien3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

go eat my doo doo..

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3765d ago

Your PC will make the 360 look like a N64 in terms of graphics

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

When all the other consoles are DEAD they will be running back to the PS3!!!
You will see;)
And if i was still at SONY i would say NO and DUMP alover them!!! ;-D

+I'm not bothered about these Cr*p games that have been on the xBox 360...i'll just get them for my P.C if i want to!!! ;-D
+'Gears of War 1' is better on P.C!!! ;-D

morganfell3765d ago

What does it say about your console when a game running 100p less still looks better?

Pain3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Gets off bus....goes to main door light's flaming bag of Dog Crap!!!
Runs for city center!!!!

'Screaming' it Was that Homeless guy!!!!

"Does that mean that developing for PS3 would compromise quality?"
-in proving there incompetence for programing a Real gaming Console Not some crap PC jammed in a case yes.

and yes BioWare is in my Home town.

zapass3765d ago SUX BALLS


Ramrod3765d ago

that's just it... all the xbox 360 is, is a PC, and all the good games usually come out on the PC as well as the 360, so why would I want two systems that play the same games? I have a PC a damn good one at that, which is also a 360, since PC games get ported to the 360 and vice versa....

captainjy3765d ago

Lord Shuhei Yoshida it will look even worse on the POS3. Let's not side step the fact that Bioware dumped all over your movie box and we laughed. Face it, only good games go to the 360. Did you hear that FF13 is coming to the 360?

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jwatt3765d ago

I think he's just saying working on one console is always better in terms of quality. I don't think there is anything in Mass Effect that can't be done on the ps3 given the right developer.

Twizlex3765d ago

Yeah, I think that's what he's saying also, but I can certainly see how it could be taken differently.

Nostradavis3765d ago

Can he do number 1 from that position?

Twizlex3765d ago

Yeah, why couldn't he?

cloudman3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Who is bioware. Is it the company that make those nerdy games like Diablo and World of Warcraft, that suck peoples lives?

Because i hate those games, they cause neglect and i dont want them on PS3!

PirateThom3765d ago

No, BioWare used to be awesome and made such titles as Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Knights, Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect.

They were pretty great, then they sold their souls to EA.

m91058263765d ago

lmao. "Nerdy games". Talk about redundancy...

Also, that's Blizzard.

kingOVsticks3765d ago

it would have been nice if SE,Capcom and rockstar thought like that :P

callahan093765d ago

Didn't work so good for the first BioShock. That game was loaded with issues. The worst texture pop-in I've ever seen in a current-generation game, reallllllly long load times, generic-ass looking locations, cookie-cutter cut-scenes with no dynamic camera angles or movements except in just a couple of the most important story specific scenes, oh and not to mention the game-freezing bugs. And the game was ridiculously short! I 100%'d it in less than 35 hours, which is in my opinion very short for an RPG.

It wasn't all a loss though. I enjoyed my 35 hours with it, but it definitely started to wear thin on me towards the end (the side quests are such boring drivel, the story was predictable and fairly generic, the load times, pop-in, and game ending bugs were pretty annoying too... but all in all, I guess you could say I had fun with the game)

I won't be picking up the sequel(s) unless they VASTLY improve the quality of the game. I didn't play the PC version, but I hear it was far superior to the 360 version, in terms of the bugs, the graphic pop-in, and the load times (if you had a proper rig, that is), not to mention they apparantly fixed the absolutely ridiculously stupid inventory system that the 360 used and gave the player a new HUD to make it all more user friendly.

FPS nut3765d ago

Konami says MGS4 can't be done on a 360, Bioware says Mass Effect can't be done on PS3. These systems have advantages and diss advantages over the other, these two systems speak different languages, just look at the multiplatform ports and how they shine more on the 360. First party devs are going to make that first party game loog good because thats the only version they have to work on.

003765d ago

I think you got the names mixed up.

VirusE3765d ago

Jwatt, well said, bubbles your way.

To the guy who talked about bioshock and texture pop up; Thanks for making it real obvious that you never played the game.

incogneato3765d ago

FPS Nut no where does it say Mass Effect can't be done on PS3. Xbox 360 has absolutely no advantages over PS3 easier to program for, if you count that as an advantage.

beoulve3765d ago

I have to give it to Ripten, way to spin bioware's word out of context

callahan093765d ago

Yeah, I did get the names mixed up. At myself & anybody who thought I meant BioShock when I said BioShock: nope, I meant Mass Effect, and merely typed the wrong thing. But while I'm at it, BioShock on the PS3 would be nice if they fixed the slow-down problems that the 360 version suffered from (it wasn't as rampant of an issue as some of the Mass Effect issues, but the game certainly had crippling slow-down, I'm talking about 2 or 3 frames per second kind of slow-down, during certain areas with Big Daddies... and I definitely had my 360 cache clear, too, so it wasn't that causing it)

Sorry for the incorrect game name, though, that was my fault.

KingME3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

This is how things get misconstrued. Bioware never said "Mass Effect" can't be done on the PS3. I really don't know how you were able to draw that conclusion from that article.

There's always someone out there that's willing to throw the first injudicious rock.

TornRaptor3765d ago

Bioware did not sell there souls to EA.
EA acquired VG Holding Corp, the owners of Bioware and Pandemic Studios.
Hopefully they can stick to there high standards set by the previous games regardless off the new master.

FPS nut3765d ago

GPU, RAM, and easer to develope for thats the 360 advantage

CPU and storage thats the PS3 advantage

xup19x3765d ago

why are fanboys fighting over witch ver is better and developer not making games for multi systems i own a ps3 and now i just acquire an xbox36 witch by the way i send back to microsoft for repairs i dont have to tell you how every one with a ps3 and an xbox is getting the xbox ver just becouse its freeee!! i bet square dint think of how many people are going to dl a 36 ver off a torrent site or rent it an copying it.. ooh well love the games the cheaper the beter... ps3 ftwwwwwwww...heheh xbox too..

harrisk9543765d ago

It seems as if both MS and developers who do games exclusive to the 360 constantly bash the PS3 and Sony... You never hear Sony do the same toward the 360 or its exclusive content... For prime examples, look at the comments of Jack Tretton compared to John Schappert and Shane Kim or compare Ted Price to "Cliffy B"... it is like MS and its affiliates have no class whatsoever.

n4gzz3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

lol that was pretty harsh picture.

The Lazy One3765d ago

I get it... because EA is evil... hilarious... almost.

EA isn't nearly as bad as they were 5 years ago. They tend to let their best developers actually do their best now.

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Jamie Foxx3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

im a little skeptical though about an EA game being exclusive for a further two games in a triology unless a serious wad of cash (an amount which would recuperate ps3 revenue in sales of the game)was thrown at them by microsoft

but if true and if the games are good thats a plus for 360 owners

QueefyB3765d ago

hopefully the minimum requirements will not be too high because if i can play it on my laptop then i will be able to finish the game faster

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3765d ago

Your PC will display Mass Effect 2 at much better settings.The 360 will stutter in framerate and receive the coveted RROD

captainjy3765d ago

You have to be the biggest douche on the planet. Only you would play a game on a laptop. Explains why you are proud owner of a POS3. Good day.

QueefyB3765d ago

i wonder if there will be a limited edition for the pc version i would like to have a mass effect poster behind my rig

Twizlex3765d ago

Why not just buy a Mass Effect poster then?

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3765d ago

The limited edition will come with instructions to save 360 owners from fires from their exploding consoles

why do droids cry3765d ago

gRow up. your comments are stupid and all are a sh1t attempt at bashing. any body with more than 1 braincell would no that.

bed time little boy