Nintendo Facing Ban on Wii, GameCube Controllers

Nintendo is facing a ban on sales of the Wavebird, Classic Controller, and Nintendo GameCube controller for its Wii and GameCube systems after it lost a bid to overturn a $21 million patent-infringement verdict.

U.S. District Judge Ron Clark rejected Nintendo's request for a new trial in the case won by Anascape Ltd. The judge said that he would stop sales of the Wii Classic Controller, WaveBird controller and Nintendo GameCube...

Note: The Wii remote and Nunchuk do not infringe on the patent and therefore are in no danger of being banned.

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Chris3993741d ago

Then sh*t out another Pokemon title to replace the money.

- C

Panthers3741d ago

lol. Seriously.

They could make some new controller that does some other stupid thing and cause another frenzy.

juuken3741d ago

...The beginning of the end of Nintendo? o_o
They should just pay the fine. It seems logical.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3741d ago

Ooooooo Nintendo is in troouuuble

juuken3741d ago

Yes Yoshida-san. I reckon they better do something and quick. o-o

gumgum993741d ago

or the only games Wii be seeing(pun intended) is Wii this and Wii that

I guess this is goodbye....

hardcore gamers of Nintendo sniff sniff. Im sorry T_T

IQUITN4G3741d ago

Phew just bought myself 3x official new sealed platinum pads even though the announced jap pads were due to come out soon

Hard to find official GC pads that are new (at least in GB)and the 3rd party stuff is very bad

Solely for Pikmin2 and Four Swords, maybe a little bit of Rogue

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The story is too old to be commented.