Xbox 360 Continues to Struggle in Japan

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has enjoyed some success in North America, Australia, and the UK but Japan continues to remain elusive. Despite offering exclusive games from Japanese developers and multiple 360 pack-in bonuses, the new Xbox console is having difficulty gaining traction in the Land of the Rising Sun.

According to a Famitsu Marketing data survey, 113,000 Xbox 360 units have been sold in Japan this year. Over the past 11 months, Sony has sold 1.4 million PS2s. The new releases of PS3 and Wii have already trumped Xbox 360 yearly sales in just a handful of weeks. Even the Game Boy Micro, a niche collectible, managed to sell 150,000 units this year. To be fair, Xbox 360 outsold GameCube in 2006 as Nintendo's now-defunct console sold under 100,000 units.

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TheMART5297d ago

But Blue Dragon has changed chances

Just wait for the months to come

PS360PCROCKS5297d ago

WHO CARES!? All the news is anymore revolves around Japan, I don't live their, I don't care how well the 360 is selling their, I would love to see Microsoft sell well their, but honestly, story after story day after day about how it's not selling is a little overboard people, quit posting these stories, we know it's not selling by now. Also, yes Mart Blue Dragon will help, but it wont make an impact like Microsoft hopes, if it was released in the summer and not 2 weeks after the PS3, it'd be a bigger difference

THWIP5297d ago

They have a slow month for news, so they repeat the same sh1t for the 50th time about how MS is fairing in Japan. However, they do so, right as Japan is starting to show interest in the 360, because of Blue Dragon and Lost Planet. If at the end Feb. '07, MS still hasn't sold 200k units in Japan, then this might be news....but it's pointless right now.

devv055297d ago

Indeed, why should I care. The Xbox 360 is a great console and is doing well world-wide. If the Japanese don't want it, thats fine to me. It's their problem, not mine.

More interesting is to look at the reasons. Lower price, better online service and exclusive games aimed specially on the Japanese market. Maybe they're just racists who'll only buy their own goods.

beans5297d ago

Im so tired of hearing about Japan seriously! 360 is by far the best console created to date and it looks like certain people will continue to miss out on this really great experience! For the next couple of years it's going to be all about the games on 360 whether people want to believe it or not!

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