40GB stock running low in anticipation of new 80GB model

A new PS3 SKU will go to sale in Europe on August 27th. Already, the effects of the newly announced 80GB Core model has been affecting the sales stream of the 40GB model.

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ash_divine3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

it's expected.

QueefyB3793d ago

wow sony are selling so many consoles it is so great

Mr PS33793d ago

Whatever the model
Are all Flying off the Shelve's
Faster than a Mclarean F1 gets to 100mph
To all Good and Knowledgable Gamers

kalistyles3793d ago

Well I know working part time at Best Buy that the PS3 sells a hell of a lot better than the 360. I can see it in the stock room. There are loads of 360's everywhere no matter which model, but the PS3 sells really well.

cyax3793d ago

Supply (in certain EU countries at least) has been low for a while now. A lot of online retailers have been out of stock with no knowledge of new PS3 shipment dates.

So either the 40GB PS3 is really selling well (which it appears to do given the June numbers) and/or distributors and retailers have been keeping too low a low stock for quite some time awaiting the new model.

In the end it's nice to see the PS3 getting good sales numbers, I wouldn't mind a 50/50 market share between Sony and Microsoft sometime soon. More competition only benefits gamers.

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