Two new screens from Bioshock

New screens from the PS3 version of Bioshock

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QueefyB3739d ago

its already looking superior the textures are crisp and in true hi def

morganfell3739d ago

Yes the Ultimate Bioshock Edition is one of my 20 preordered games for the PS3/PS2. Traded in my 360 copy of Bioshock for it.

QueefyB3739d ago

the sound will be uncompressed so it will be marvelous as well

QueefyB3739d ago

i almost forgot the game will have new game modes wow so much superior content i will buy 2 copies of this game

chaosatom3739d ago

just like rubbing it in.

We get superior versions of games.

Destroyer2293739d ago

Even though i hate Bioshock i will admit that it does look alot nicer on the ps3 the lighting is more detailed along with the shaders and textures.

Zerodin3739d ago

Looks the same to me.
Maybe that's because the devs didn't polish it know, like they said they didn't!

ape0073739d ago

looks the same as 360

throw your fanboy picture scanning

and use the eye of truth

poeo3739d ago

uhh they look the same, as stated by everyone.

ape0073739d ago

you have good sense of humor

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The story is too old to be commented.