Opinion : How EA Sport's FIFA series reclaimed its football crown

HEXUS.gaming examine how the FIFA series has changed over the years, how it started off as champion, lost its crown to Pro Evolution Soccer and then regained its title as the best football game, in more recent years.

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Kami5309d ago

fifa 08 was the shiet. thats all i will say

resistance1005309d ago

To be fair Fifa 08 was still far off PES 08 (and this was the worst one in years)

Fifa try's to hide its broken shooting engine with more content which most could care less about.

Play Pes and Fifa and you will get what im saying about Fifas shooting engine being broken

WrightOne5309d ago

I don't know why but the cool thing seems to be to slate fifa and bow down to PES.

Me, I hate PES and love fifa. I have owned every Fifa since 2002/3 and have always tried PES. No match for me. Fifa all the way...

Can't wait until FIFA 09 is out for PS3

mariusmal5309d ago (Edited 5309d ago )

fifa was still years away from pro evo, and this was the worst pro evo in years. for me fifa is still a little arcade, pro evo is more a simulation. it's just depends of what u want. hardcore simulation (pes) or a more loose simulation(fifa)