Project Origin 'Remnant' Trailer

The latest trailer for Monolith Productions' horror shooter Project Origin demonstrates a new enemy called the 'Remnant' and its devestating capabilities and attacks

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Kleptic3743d ago

AWESOME blood effects in this game...although that trailer looked very...unimpressive...

I loved of the best single player experiences I have had in a shooter in a very long time...this looks to be even better...but I am a little worried that the devs admitted to a much more tangible approach to being creepy (as apposed to Alma just appearing for a frame right in front of you, etc.)...which sounds more like the horrible Doom 3 than the original Fear...I personally really enjoyed the little things, the static feedback in your headset, the losing your hud for no reason...the few seconds of black and white...the foot prints out of no where...alma being in an elevator with you...while it wasn't exactly terrifying...playing that at night in a dark room with the sound up was more fun than most horror movies...I hope they keep a lot of that stuff in it...