Gamervision Preview: Puzzle Quest Galactrix


''If the Nintendo DS logged how much time was spent on different games I would be able to give you an exact number, but in lieu of that let me assure you that I spent my fare share of time in Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. I really got into it before the Penny-Arcade Expo last year, and without it I might have started head butting people mid-flight on the way to Seattle. Since then I have been following the actions of D3 Publisher and Infinite Interactive, watching them like a stalker, preparing for the inevitable announcement of a sequel. When the day finally came I didn't believe what I saw: Puzzle Quest, set in space, with the strange name "Galaxtrix." After getting a hands-on with the game at E3 last week all of my initial worries were washed away.

After just a few minutes of play it became apparent that Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords was more of a demo than a prequel to Galactrix. The mechanics that remain from the original form the frame of the gameplay experience. Combat, while given a little twist with gravitational pull, remains nearly exactly the same.''

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