Gamervision Preview: Tomb Raider Underworld


''The reception that Uncharted received made everyone question the need for another Tomb Raider game. Everything that Lara Croft had done in the past Nathan Drake did better, and while Tomb Raider: Legend was a breath of fresh air for that series, it was obvious something new was needed in order to compete. And this year's E3 gave Eidos a chance to show off the latest entry in Croft's world. Once Tomb Raider Underworld loaded up it was obvious that Eidos was trying something new, as Lara Croft dove off the side of a boat and began to descend into the ocean.

Lara swam into a cave deep under the sea to find an ancient treasure, preparing to raid tombs like the good old days. As expected, the underwater lair wasn't without its share of dangers, including a deep-sea kraken sat in wait- its tentacles stretched throughout the corridors. The areas looked great and every bit of the environment glowed with detail. Muddy floors and moist walls gave off an appropriate shine and the kraken's slimy skin looked as sickly as one could hope. The only disappointing bit of the game's presentation was Lara herself, and while she looked as beautiful as ever she didn't seem nearly as detailed as her surroundings. The initial promises of the environment rubbing off on Lara (pervert) are fulfilled, but the mud-covered adventurer looks more like she was assaulted by mosquitoes than she looks like she just got finished climbing.''

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