Killing real people becomes a video game.

Slate: "The guy in the knit shirt leans back in his leather chair, his hand wrapped around the joystick. On the console display, two plane-shaped icons show the available ammo. As the target vehicle crosses his screen, he squeezes the red button. The car vanishes in a fireball.

I'm watching this scene in a demonstration video on my home PC. My 7-year-old son, who's watching it with me, knows all about computer games. "It went down on this car, and it made a big explosion!" he tells my wife. "It was really cool."

But this is no game. This is the real thing. It's called the Universal Control System. It directs aerial military drones. Raytheon, a high-tech defense contractor, exhibited the system last week at an air show in Britain. It looks and feels like a video game. But it kills real people. It's based on an Xbox processor and looks like a PlayStation."

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Marojado3830d ago

I actually found this really interesting. At the end of the day, the use of drones will help protect pilots, but at the same time it desensitizes those pilots to what they're doing to some degree. It'll be interesting to see how they're implemented in future conflicts.

cpuchess3830d ago

I just read another article that the military is using 360 controllers for different things too. I think it's good they can do this and keep our guys safe instead of them in a plane where they could get shot down.

Hagaf223830d ago

Air Force Predators and Global Hawks for the win. Awesome planes to see and work on. Everytime I see these guys in action, i know why our Air Force is the worlds greatest Air Force.

thisguywithhair3830d ago

I think this shows some truth in the debate into wether video games cause violence, only it shows it to be the other way around. Instead of causing violence they seem to be using video games to desentize people to violence.

People play video games so other people make killing machines behave (and be controlled similarly) like video games. Then the media sees this and turns it around to be that video games cause violence instead.