The Problem With Sony

Bruce from iStockAnalyst: Because of what I have written on here about Sony I have been accused many times of being a Nintendo or a Microsoft fanboy. Nothing could be further from the truth. I only report what I see. And what I see is a Sony that has lost its way.

The facts are very, very simple. In the Playstation one generation Sony had massive global domination, nobody came anywhere near them. In the Playstation two generation Sony were hugely dominant again. Nintendo and Microsoft were minnows in comparison. Then we come to the Playstation three (PS3) generation and suddenly the wheels fall off. Sony are running third and it very much looks like it is going to stay that way. Analysts and fanboys continually promise or hope that a revival in fortunes is just around the corner, but it never comes. So what went wrong:

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MURKERR3793d ago

as its starting to show as more and more developers realise the true value of the cell and bluray

MURKERR3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

bluray pushed the price up? ps3 is near enough same price as a 360 not including the add ons 360 is more expensive

the cell? why would sony do a microsoft and go with an off the shelf processor which is now maxed out?

misread the market? i have buzz,singstar and ps3 eye, his confused with the 360s mass market which is why they have again imitated with lips and scene it

360 has more exclusive games?is this guy for real? microsoft have to rely on 3rd party studios sony have the most exclusive inhouse games in development fact

online? ps3 has nearly all the features of live since 2.4 and its all free not to mention home comes out this year

this guy is the worst kind of journalist and is bad for the industry his very deluded and hates to admit when his wrong none of his statements make any sense

funny his first comment was his not a fanboy ......yeh right

truth for gamers3793d ago

I approved this but the author's name is Bruce not Brian

decapitator3793d ago

The problem with this article: It is written by a wannabe journalist with Google ads all over his page and just wanting some hits.

see how easy that was ? If only the author had any idea how companies makes decisions and why they invest in new technologies, he would know what he is talking about.

thebudgetgamer3793d ago

cause all of these anti sony articles shouldve been written then

StephanieBBB3793d ago

Ok which do you think is the smartest one, this guy that writes the article with no expertise in cell processors or the future of gaming development or a multimillion dollar corporation that is guiding the genre of games on consoles?

Stop with the "I know it all" theorys and please stfu.

boodybandit3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

nothing to see here.
But what is this guys malfunction with Sony? All of his articles are based on bashing Sony and spewing manure. Talk about being desperate for attention. Bruce you are truly pathetic.

masterg3793d ago

That's where I stopped reading.

Anybody looking at sales numbers would laugh at that statement.

Genesis53793d ago

I give up with this guy! I'm not even going to bother.

INehalemEXI3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

A Bruce Quote from the article -> "Overall they would have been better buying an off the shelf generalised processor as they did for previous models and as their competitors did."

The Emotion Engine was not off the shelf dude. PS2's CPU you could have at least did 2 seconds of research to find that out.

Thats just the first so called problem. I really don't feel like wasting my time shooting holes through this sh1ty article. Since its just fodder.

How do you fail so badly seriously. Each company does have problems but how do you miss the mark so badly every single time bruce?

fishd3793d ago

Why his BS get approved???
It was look like a 2007 article about how everything PS3 related sucks!
Breaking news : We are in 2008!

Varsarus3793d ago

nice post there about the PS2's CPU, this is a perfect example to show that Bruce doesn't know what he's talking about...

Tomdc3793d ago

PS3 will not come last this gen...

zer0man13793d ago

This Bruce guy really hates Sony, Its almost as if its personal. Like Sony slept with his wife are something.

BS article as usual.

ZombieNinjaPanda3792d ago

Did a Sony exec sleep with his wife, or his mom or something?

He's the definition of fanboy seriously.

LastDance3792d ago

if he did a little more research he would see that the previous consoles had trouble at the beginning aswell....

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cloudman3793d ago

I agree they arw pathetic to me

its liek they dotn care. how can they let ff13 slip

and hwo can they give away 360 as prizes (rmember sony bmg)

QueefyB3793d ago

hahaha listen to this guy

ConanOBrien3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

i creamed myself when i saw this..

Veryangryxbot3793d ago

I will follow his advice and report what I am seeing.

In the old gen, the XBOX was a reliable machine. Sure it never dominated and was pretty much a joke in the gaming world with its mediocre line up, small install base. But somehow a hardcore xbox group stayed with MS and formed what is today known as "xbots".

Then comes the 360. Without any doubt the worst hardware console to have ever been manufactured. Its very existence is a joke. After losing badly in the previous, MS cut support of the XBOX and released a console prematurely of its time. The results? Disc scratching, overheating, RROD, nonfutureproof and more. Where else can you go to see a presentation and the hardware bricks on you. TWO YEARS IN A ROW.
It happened last E3. Or was it Leipzig 2007? Regardless, it happened again at E3 2008. So whats up. Worst hardware ever without any doubt. Without the 3 year warranty, its not even worth more than a brick. Put it on Ebay and noone will buy it.

Im just reporting what Im seeing here. Cold hard facts. What Im seeing is that a little game totally DESTROYED any other game the 360 had to offer despite what many bots said. What I see is that over 1000 people voted one game. This game didnt just won. It utterly destroyed and annihilated the competition, as it took award after award.

What I saw then? Within 12 hours, 20 threads talking about how PS3 is losing and how its dead or how its running dead last or how [insert 3rd party developer] might go multi platform again.

Damage control? You bet your ass.

zapass3793d ago

spaming N4G with his usual boring nonsense

get a life, douche

MikeGdaGod3793d ago

this is BY FAR one of the dumbest articles i've read on this site

Kleptic3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

yeah this guy again?...I love how he says 'the RSX is far less powerful than that of its main competitor'...then links us to an article he wrote, that was equally poor and had no ground to stand on...

and since when has Sony EVER used an off the shelf processor for one of their Consoles?...the RISC based technology of the PS1 was immediately reguarded as foreign to the development community back in the was the CD based format that got a lot of attention (much less production cost, far more space, etc.)...the EE in the PS2 was another was not a PC based processor that had been used before...and caused a lot of the 'the PS2 is too hard to develop for compared to the DC'...we all know how that ended up...its details like this that make this guy an instant idiot to anyone that has followed video games for more than this generation...People are not labeling him pro-MS as much as he thinks...they are just labeling him a retard that simply doesn't know what he is talking about...there is a significant difference between the two, although one could correlate them as similar more often than not...

also...the PS1 didn't come out and blow anything released and had a very fierce competition with the Saturn innitially...and was still getting a thorough beating by the SNES, which ended up running away with the gen before it...then a year after release, the N64 released and easily haulted any momentum the PS1 had achieved over the wasn't until late 1997, nearly 3 full years after its release in japan, that the system recieved what caused the big runaway...FFVII...after that, a series of annual huge games like MGS and GT caused the PS1 to punish everything in its wake...

the PS2 took off significantly faster...but it also wasn't over night...the PS2 released with 'no games' and had a whole bunch of crazed fanboys screaming about how the DC had better games, was easier to develop for, and was 'more powerful'...sega had problems of their own, and Sony basically slaughtered it at the end of its first year on the market, with GTAIII, Twisted Metal Black, and FFX black being the highest selling and critical praised games at the time...

in fact you can draw a lot of comparisons to the DC and the Xbox 360...the dev kits where very straight forward...the internals were basically off the shelf PC parts to keep production costs down (and allow the machine to reach the market very quickly)...and it recieved some of its best looking games nearly immediately (the 360's best looking game was just finally dethroned by UT3...and Gears, which was originally it, came less than a year after it launched)...Many multiplat form games looked slightly better on the DC, as devs struggled at first to get to grasp with the complex PS2...and we know the rest of that story once devs worked it out...

this guys says its doesn't look like the PS3 will get out of third place...which there isn't one credible point that points to that reality...cutting a 10 million unit head start down to just over 4 in 1.5 years is a clear sign that the PS3 is gaining on the 360 much faster than what many would like to admit (especially MS)...

What has happened this gen is almost entirely on the media side of made some big mistakes initially, and finally some douchebags like this could sound the alarm...problem is...Sony is fixing these problems on a monthly basis, and is almost entirely out of that hole (as the sales clearly show)...the other thing is that these guys are apparently unwilling to give the PS3 a chance to get moving...this generation so far is no different than the initial issues the PS1 had back in the day...there is absolutely no reason that Sony can't pull it off again...not nearly as much has changed as ol bruce would like to admit...

I'll say it again...Sony has done this kind of thing before...there hasn't been one generation yet that they haven't trashed everyone by the time everything is said and done...and there also hasn't been one generation where retards like this blog about how Sony won't be able to do it...we'll see soon enough...but like it or not, this generation is still very very young...

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3793d ago

There's no Problem??? The only Problem they are going to have by the end of this year is trying to keep enough PS3 stocked in the Shops!!! Because they're gonna Sell like Hot Cakes!!! ;)

It should say - 'The Problem With Micro$oft is they haven't got a Clue!!!' ;-D

morganfell3793d ago

Well Ken hee is what I told him:

"How does it feel to be asleep in class?

I ask that because one of the things of which you accuse Sony is lack of exclusives. Yet anyone that was awake for half of E3 knows MS had the big announcement of SHARING A VERSION of the game yet the Sony show was predicated upon their massive number of exclusives. Sad really that people like you even have internet access. You make Michael Pachter look like Einstein.

The graphics processor crap is really old and quite tired. You can't consider a GPU without considering the processor to which it is tied. Considering the best looking games this generation have been on the PS3 - Uncharted for one thank you - choosing to blame the PS3 GPU because devs making a multiplatform game concentrated on the 360 is just retarded. I agree that people often blame the devs but when you see the hardware physics in games like GRAW2 - thanks to PS3 architecture - compared to their much more bland software physics driven cousin on the 360, well, no excuse for your uninformed comments.

Like Jade Raymond and her initial comments about PS3 architecture - which later had to be recanted - you too have a piece of humble pie at the dinner table of ignorance.

Bluray? MGS4, end of story. People like you are so shortsighted. Kind of ironic considering you claim to be an ANALyst. But then again any gaijin would naturally concentrate on those things which occupy the American mindset - which is the next 5 minutes. Sony has chosen to look far down the road and size matters pal.

Sony messed up online. Ever play online? No? One of Sony's biggest issues are people like you. The lie spreaders. I seriously doubt you are coordinated enough to operate thumbsticks else you would know the horrendous performance with Live is inexcusable compared to the freedom of PSN. And as Sony has demonstrated at E3, their online evolution is more than some stolen Miis.

Are you a developer? Of course not. Otherwise you would listen more to comments from the developers themselves and what they have said about the PS3 architecture. Isn't it time for another meal with your friend Gabe Newell? It sounds like the two of you chow down from the same trough. Good riddance. This is one more website for me never to bother clicking on again.

You have been stereotyped as a MS and Nintendo fanboy. The ugly truth about stereotypes is there is quite often a basis in fact for the moniker with which people are branded. You are a class A example of that fact."

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cp683793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

it's too early..people are talking as if the PS3 and the CELL have been running for years..but in reality it hasn't even been 2 years! Give Sony some time, they know what they're doing.

They say 'patience is virtue' because it makes better people. Well, with the PS3, patience makes our experience better.

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Fishy Fingers3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Bruce offering up more little pearls of wisdom. What a waste of space that guy is, rewriting the same old crap time and time again just each with a more "controversial" headline than the last.

Next week, "Sony ate my babies".....

thebudgetgamer3793d ago

im waiting for the ps3 kicked my dog article

QueefyB3793d ago

i think the author is under the influence of a foreign substance

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3793d ago

Foreigners like that Arab Majdi hate Sony because of our impressive performance

Kleptic3793d ago

It might be the liquid coolant from the 360 add-on MS is rumored to be releasing soon...its pretty funny, as the liquid coolant system looks nearly identical to the HD-DVD add-on they released...and have since cancelled...

there are clear warning labels on the box...its not Mountain Dew...the stuff will 'confuse' you if you drink it...