GTX 980 Ti PC Build for 1440p 'Ultra' Gaming at $1747 – June, 2015

GamersNexus: "This PC build will easily play The Witcher 3, GTA V, and other modern, high-graphics quality games."

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crazychris41241234d ago

For those looking to do 1440p and 4k, you should look into what GPUs with HBM have to offer before you drop thousands on a rig and monitor.

Eonjay1234d ago

Very true. I just bought a GPU and then today I saw the leaked prices for the HBM enabled AMD GPUs... If you want or need to be responsible with your money, the title alone should give you pause.

mikeslemonade1233d ago

If your budget is around $1500 I'd still get a

980SLI, 970SLI, R295 X2, or 290x crossfire.

Takwin1234d ago

For monitors, my wife and I both have a Yamakasi 32" 2500x1600 IPS. It was $400 delivered straight from Korea. Same shop has sold thousands of them on eBay and Amazon, depending on how you like to pay. Paypal + eBay/Amazon + credit card means you have multiple lines of protection if anything goes wrong.

We've both had ours over a year with zero problems. It is freaking amazing to game at 1600p ultra, no issues with 290x.

And this dude is spot on about the HBM, which is why I just recommend waiting until next summer unless you are sitting on a dusty old card, a lot of money, and are impatient.

hells_supernova1233d ago

Thanks! I actually went areas a lot of articles and watched some videos very interesting leap pushed by AMD again.

So I am assuming that the next generation of AMD gpu will have HBM? Because I'm looking at upgrading around october

Maxor1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Interesting. This is the 1st I heard of HBM.

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InTheZoneAC1234d ago

LOL $2000 for a gaming pc...

bsmith611234d ago

There are some people who actually have the money to spend that also want the best experience.

InTheZoneAC1234d ago

I know, just doesn't seem like it's worth the cost, but that's with anything in life.

It's like if I were to spend $40k on a 20 year old car, someone's probably going to laugh at me, but to me it's worth it...

Unspoken1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

The nice thing with a computer is you can pick and choose which parts to purchase and upgrade over the life of the PC. So the upfront cost of a decent gaming system can be considerably lower.

_-EDMIX-_1233d ago

Agreed with Bsmith and Unspoken.

You "can" spend this much for certain next gen PC titles to run on high, ultra, 4k etc. But one doesn't need to to game on PC on lets say last gen games.

Thats like saying you need a $400 can buy a $99....depends on which one lol.

Same can be said about PC, not ALL PC gamers game on the high end, just like not all console gamers game on next gen systems currently. I'm spending MOST of my gaming actually on PS3 and PC, not my PS4. Though it gets some love here and there, I'm spending most of my time playing backlogs.

On PS3, currently playing Persona 3, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, GTAV and Peace Walker.

on PC, I'm playing Witcher 1, Fallout New Vegas and after will play Witcher 2, Dragon Age 1 and likely Dead State.

Only playing BF4 on PS4 a couple times a week.

The overall point is not all gamers are alike. Its not just "for a gaming PC" its for a HIGH END gaming PC. If a title released on PC that required such a cost and it was a worthy title, I would very much upgrade to have it. Consider on games alone many of us gamers have spent that much in a gen.

...consider you already own a computer as your typing this lol.

If you own 2 next gen consoles, you can buy a gaming PC (maybe not high end, but you can buy one)

BiggerBoss1233d ago

I have the money. Does that automatically mean I would want to spend $2000 on a machine to play games? For a quarter of the price, Ill stick to consoles. Ive always wanted to try out PC gaming, its just too much of an inconvenience imo.

UltraNova1233d ago

@Bigger Boss

I'm right there with you.

High end PC gaming is not so much inconvenient as it its time consuming and time is a luxury I do not have.

rainslacker1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

$2000 for a gaming rig will last you quite a while though. I'd personally wait for DX12 to be finalized before settling on a GPU. Would hate to miss out on a hardware feature because it wasn't ready yet.

My 5 year old PC, which was far from top of the line when I made it could still handle most things, and would probably last me another 5 years for games if I just upgraded the GPU. Most of the other stuff hasn't really advanced that much in that time, nor would there be significant gains by getting completely new hardware. I think I spent about $1000 on it when I built it with only the monitor and case being recycled from my prior computer, and then added a ton more memory a year later for 3D modeling because what I had wasn't enough.

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Takwin1234d ago

It will last 3-4 years in peak condition and if you do it right, all you need to do is swap video cards and sell the old one to get 2-3 more years.

My wife can eek out 6-7 years on a PC, and she plays at ultra. I tend to be more around the 4-5 year range, and the daughter then gets my old PCs.

FPSFox1234d ago

$800.00 for an S6 Edge (phone)
$5,000.00 for a Rolex with no jewels (watch)
$1,000,000.00 for a Bugatti (Car)

All these things have much cheaper alternatives that can do the same exact tasks, but vary in quality, speed, efficiency, etc. If you want to have the best experience, you have to pay for the best experience.

sugawalls1234d ago

Yeah but the cheaper alternatives (consoles) fell flat on their ass about 10 months ago.

ZeroSins1233d ago

So by your logic a $100,000 car would handle, look, and be 1/10th as fast as a bugatti...? Lol ok.

andibandit1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )


You're implying that the differences in handling/looks/speed in relation to price, are linear.
Thats not what FPSFox was saying.

NeverHeavyMan1233d ago

Unless you've actually built a rig of such a caliber, you wouldn't really understand. It's like claiming a certain food taste bad without actually having it yourself.

In such a case for 1440p, I, myself, have a rig capable of it without even cracking a minor sweat, but then, I also don't just game on my PC.

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Str8Chaos741234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

A 980Ti will do 4k at a pretty good frame rate in most games, why does it say 1440p?

JaXion51234d ago

Because a 980ti is terrible for 4K.

1233d ago
Maxor1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Doing 4K with settings on high and a few tweaks here and there is one thing. Doing 4K maxed and being able to run 4K without compromise is another.

If you're going to spend $700 to $1000 on a GPU I would want it to perform like the later. This generation isn't there yet. But next year might be the year.

clouds51233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Going from 1080p to 1440p is not worth a thousand bucks in my opinion. It's just not that big of an upgrade. Just get a PC for 700$ or less and be happy with 1080p.
Only if money is something you have to think about of course (like most of us :) ).

Pandamobile1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

A good PC is a sunk cost. It's your machine. You do work on it, you use it for media, you use it for the web, you use it for fun, you use it for games.

That $2000 PC is going to last you years. So factor into your financing equation a three year upgrade path, and you're looking at less than $2 a day in reality. And yes, you can actually finance a computer if you really want to.

If I'm spending $700 on a machine, I'd rather put down a couple hundred extra to make that initial investment go that much further.

MoeStedley1233d ago

Dont forget to add in Steam Sales!


clouds51232d ago

As I said, if money is not an issue spend a little more. But sadly for me it is something to think about and that's why i go for "quality/dollar". The difference between 1080p and 1440p is not something I'm willing to spend an additional 500 bucks or something. Because for me it's not that big of a difference.
Also hardware requirements are heavily dependant on consoles. I upgraded my PC with a gtx 970 for 350 bucks this winter (Phenom 2 x4 4ghz, 8 GB RAM, there was a radeon 5870 in it before). And I play current gen games like witcher 3 in 1080p ultra with above 30fps. Which is fine for me. So I'm pretty sure I won't need to upgrade any time soon, because console hardware is pretty much figured out already. So pc requirements won't see a big increase.

--bienio--1233d ago

I will keep my gtx970 I'm happy with this card for time been...

ninsigma1233d ago

I saw a graph comparison yesterday and it showed the 970 sli having slightly better performance that a single 980 ti. I'd recommend anyone to go the sli route with the 970. That's what I have in my setup and it works like a dream.

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