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GameRevolution: "A few years ago Blizzard teased a custom map for StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty titled Blizzard DOTA. It only seemed natural that the creator of Warcraft 3, the game that indirectly introduced the action RTS/MOBA genre into the world with the original DoTA custom map, would make a game of its own. More than a year into development the full potential of this game was understood, and Blizzard immediately began working on a full release independent of StarCraft 2. This game would be titled Heroes of the Storm.

It's been roughly five years since Heroes of the Storm was first conceived, and it's come a long way since then. Blizzard made very clear early on that it wanted to challenge norms of the genre, something many thought would be impossible. After spending more than 200 hours in Alpha and Closed beta, reaching level cap in the process, I can say first-hand that Blizzard has succeeded in its bold mission."

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ftwrthtx1259d ago

Sounds like an awesome game

knifefight1259d ago

With all the time I've been able to spend in Alpha and Beta, I can agree with most of what written, one problem I encountered early on, was lag and optimization issues, since then I have purchased a new gaming rig and have not encountered these issues since so I'm not sure if its more of my changing hardware or Blizzard Fixing this issue themselves, either way the problem is gone, I'm excited to see what heroes are to come in the next few months. I'd like to see the Main Menu be a little more original rather then look like a SC2 mod but I'm sure that will change with time. One I Thing I wouldn't mind seeing..and I could be alone on this but perhaps some Heroes of the Storm Original Heroes in the future. I've enjoyed myself so far with it and can't wait to see where this games headed.