Destiny “Red Bull” Promotion Confirms The Taken King Expansion

A Red Bull leaked promotional image seems to have again confirmed that the next Destiny expansion is called “The Taken King”. This is supposed to be the biggest expansion to the game yet with many calling it “Destiny 1.5″.

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xHeavYx1235d ago

Who's excited to pay an extra $40 for the expansion? /s

SourtreeDing1235d ago

the game is fun.. its like paying 60 for COD every year. your point?

xHeavYx1235d ago

Not sure what COD has to do with what I posted. By the way I never bought a COD game.
BTW I own Destiny and both expansions (only because a good soul gave me a $20 gift card to buy it) and even though the game is fun, it doesn't mean that the DLC should be overpriced.

JeffGUNZ1235d ago

@ Heavy, but then why would you make your original comment? How do you know this will be $40 or even overpriced for the content it will include when you have zero concrete evidence of WHAT the taken king will have?

spacedelete1235d ago

lets hope this "expansion" doesn't waste any of our time at E3. seriously if Sony use this to close their E3 conference i will flip.

xHeavYx1235d ago

UC 4 or GOW 4 will close Sony's E3.

pompombrum1235d ago

Doesn't Sony only have a one year exclusive deal with Activision/Bungie on Destiny? I imagine assuming they renew their deal, it'll be shown at Sony's conference however after the mixed reception Destiny has received, I doubt Sony would be stupid enough to use it as their closer.

wakeNbake1235d ago

If theres no matchmaking for Raids, Im out.

Blink_441235d ago

Matchmaking for raids would suck

iTechHeads1235d ago

Actually it would only cost $30, and it would be for an expansion pass.

Expansions sold separately should cost you $20, like House Of Wolves did.

Yeah, its overpriced but what are you going to do?

iTechHeads1235d ago

4 Disagrees? Really? I guess I didn't hate on Destiny enough huh?

AnotherProGamer1235d ago

I'm guessing the people that played the game and want more of it?

bananaboats1235d ago

I am. Is that wrong if am. I love this game. HoW made me excited all over again for this

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KnightRobby1235d ago

This is probably why I will revisit this game for sure :)

GuruStarr781235d ago

Great game, I've gotten my moneys worth out of it 10 times over (and then some) not many games (besides fallout) that I can say that about..

Asuka1235d ago

I can't wait! I have a lot of time in this game, and the House of Wolves expansion was great imo. Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris are both fun imo.

Masterofwiiu3ds1235d ago

Destiny is not a good game. It's just an addicting game.

Justifying it by saying "I put in 200 hours" doesn't really say a whole lot. I know people who have done the same with Candy Crush.

xX-oldboy-Xx1235d ago

Surely 200hrs equates to the person enjoying the experience.

XabiDaChosenOne1235d ago

I have put in close to 300 hours and I find the game extremely boring.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Wtf? I've put in that amount as well but why would you do that if you find it boring? I find it really fun, otherwise I wouldn't have played it so much... Some people

JeffGUNZ1235d ago

Stop it. It's a GOOD game. It's shooting mechanics are spot on and the controls are great. It lacks an indepth storyline. Outside that, this game is very fun.

FamilyGuy1234d ago

I'm around 700 hours in and I agree that it is addicting as well as a time sink with some of its aspects BUT the only reason that I go through any of that is because it's FUN.

I enjoy playing the game, point blank.

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