Atomic Gamer Preview: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Jeff Buckland reports:

''While the arcade machines behind me kept three separate matches of Street Fighter IV going and people swarmed around the setup, I decided to pick up a fighting stick and sit down to try Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on the Xbox 360. It's an interesting idea, one that hasn't really been tried yet in reviving classic gaming: keep the gameplay so exactly the same that you're not allowed to change almost anything about the game, and instead just work on the audiovisual presentation so much that it looks like a modern game.

And maybe it's just the genre, or maybe it's the cycle of going more complex and then back down to more simplistic (something fighting games have done a couple of times over the years), but with the success of games on Xbox Live Arcade, people have finally found their peace with a two-dimensional game played in a three-dimensional world. Of course, that's not even a correct description of HD Remix, but for one to be acceptable to today's gamers, then a fully 2D game but with HD graphics is not a big leap.

Capcom pulled together new artists to completely redraw all of the backgrounds, interface, menus, and most importantly, characters in the classic Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Everything is still hand-drawn and it works nicely together as the game runs very smoothly, although you will quickly find that this arcade-perfect port is so accurate that it correctly simulates the slowdowns on the original arcade version of the game. The gameplay is entirely identical down to each frame of animation, making for an impressive experience that's easy to pick up for veteran players but feels really fresh after a session of more modern games.''

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