Actor Ron Perlman just gave his own Fallout 4-related tease

Ron Perlman man be known for his iconic acting roles in movies and television shows such as Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy, and Batman: The Animated Series, but he’s also no stranger to video game voice acting—especially when it comes to Bethesda’s Fallout series. Having been a part of five previous installments of the RPG franchise, it’s a safe bet to expect he knows a thing or two about the series.

Mankey3107d ago

"War, war never changes. . ."

gangsta_red3107d ago

I'm just going to say this now, if Bethesda announces Fallout 4 they hands down win E3.

-Foxtrot3107d ago

And they have Doom. If Doom goes back to it's old style then they'll have another winner on their hands

Then there's the chance of another game who knows.

gangsta_red3107d ago

I agree, an old school DOOM would be welcomed. Those two games alone has me covered for my gaming needs.

jznrpg3107d ago

I loved Doom back in the day, but I am not sure they can capture the magic that was alive back then. 3d and shooting was newer and not many other games were out that matched it . I spent many nights running through the entire game with some friends. Fallout is all I need, but a proper Doom would be awesome.

styferion3107d ago

don't forget dishonored 2

scientificreasoning3107d ago

No thats moronic...fallout wont even be near the best game at the conference.

TheSaint3106d ago

What game will be?

You can't just spout that something is moronic without giving reasons, because, that's moronic.

UltraAtomic3106d ago

the hell with dishonored 2!!! Fallout 4 is the way to go!!

Kingdomcome2473106d ago

I'm trying to have my cake, and eat it too. :) That's why I said, "also."

-Foxtrot3107d ago

I really hope he was messing with us when he said he wasn't going to be in it

Mikeyy3107d ago

What a shitty website can't even read the article on mobile because the ads constantly make you jump all over the place. 3 times it jumps to the very bottom of the page to show you an ad.

MaximusTKG3107d ago

You need better security on your phone. I didn't get one pop up

Mikeyy3102d ago

anti-virus on a cell phone is an oxymoron.

as a side business I do clean peoples computers from virus's, might as well make money off of people too stupid to figure out how to run free software.

I get a giggle when I see all these programs they've payed for that obviously did nothing for them. I uninstall them lol. bloatware.

WizzroSupreme3107d ago

Ron Perlman's never a bad actor to have in your game for sure...unless we're talking Justice League The Game. But that was another generation. Give us your inner Hellboy, Ron, and rock the Fallout house!

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