How Electronic Arts stopped being the worst company in America

Being named the worst company in America two years in a row was a wake-up call for the video game maker. Interviews with current and former executives, employees and partners show how EA changed the way it worked as it tries to redeem itself.

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Rimeskeem1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

It's quite simple really, another company decided to be worse.

Mega241258d ago

Isn't Ubisoft a french company?

On Topic:

E.A. is still the worst company, one right doesn't fix a decade of wrongs. Never forget.

FarEastOrient1258d ago

Comcast being Comcast is the worst company in America. They haven't done anything to get away from that title.

pompombrum1258d ago

I think in the eyes of the public and world, NSA took over that title if you can even consider it a company.

Still nice to see EA execs pulling some strings to get themselves a nice article on cnet. I particular like this bit ;

"It was a hideous thing," Probst said of finding the company so hated. In that conference room on that cloudy Monday, with the executive team surrounding him, Probst "hit the roof," as one person described it.

So what, EA thought they could milk gamers dry and be loved for it? I always knew their execs probably lived on a different planet to gamers but this is hilarious if they really didn't realize how much they were and still are hated.

rainslacker1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

I honestly believe that EA execs believe that the stupid things they've done to draw the ire of gamers is actually a good thing for the gamers. They are completely disassociated with their customer base.

I do think they were unfairly criticized over Mass Effect 3 ending, but all the DRM crap they've done with SimCity, their constant pushing of Origin on everything, their stripping of the Sims to the bare bones, and their inability to fix issues within their sports franchises makes them look like they really only care about the money, all while their execs go on about how they're so into the gaming scene and how much they improve on it.

I will admit that I never expected UbiSoft to overtake them so quickly. I think UbiSoft, in their desire to be better at EA at everything, decided to outdo EA on how bad they could be.

Takwin1257d ago

Yep EA got marginally better.

I'm still pissed about Origin as I just like to have all my games on Steam, PS4, and Wii U. I do NOT want another exclusive platform for PC.

But yeah, UBISOFT IS SO MUCH WORSE. And uPlay is what hell is like. Hell is you trying to get your game to work you got on Steam through uPlay and you have to earn like 100,000 uPlay points to get out of Hell.

crazychris41241259d ago

Can we please stop with EA being the worst company in America. EA is the worst GAMING company in America but the worst company overall could go to almost any major banking or financial company, you can thank them for currency manipulation, recession of '08, and much more that effects almost everyone on this planet, not just gamers.

deadpoolio3161258d ago

Exactly...Im so sick of these basement dwellers that live in fantasyland...There are worse actual companies out there other than video game companies...DLC is nothing compared to the real worst companies practices

showtimefolks1258d ago


How you have 2 disagrees is beyond me.

This this 10000000%

001258d ago

They're part of a multi billion dollar industry that services millions of consumers, they reason they were voted worst company in America twice in a row is because their consumers were not happy with their service. which the polls were based off of, customer service.

kraenk121258d ago

Monsanto is more evil than any Bank imho.

Takwin1257d ago

I agree.

Monsanto is the most evil company in the world, by far, not even close.

You are sued by them if their patented GMO seeds goes through the air and into your field via the wind. They can and will take your farm if you fight them.

Takwin1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Monsanto is the most evil company ever.

They OWN life and genes inside of it.

98% of American soy and 96% of corn is GMO and they are in over 90% of all products in a typical American grocery store. It feeds the meat and it is broken down into all the nasty subcomponents of processed food.

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hello121259d ago

They got a new young CEO he has changed them for the better. He took over SEP 2013

BitbyDeath1259d ago

They wrestled for a little while with Ubisoft then out of nowhere came Konami to steal the crown!

Pandamobile1258d ago

Konami and Ubisoft are not American companies.

BitbyDeath1258d ago

Don't let truth get in the way of a good story...

gangsta_red1258d ago

How did Konami become the worse company?

BitbyDeath1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

The loss of PT/Silent Hills still hurts :(

uth111258d ago

I love how they made the executives try to install the games themselves and listen in on the customer service calls :)

Ghoul1258d ago

im so shocked that ea is meant to be the worst company wich it definatly isnt,

maybe its the worst gaming company, but murica is full of MUCH worse companys, MUCH MUCH worse

Mega241258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Bank of America for example or General Motors with their defective cars, which have taken the live of 13 people and injured approximately 54.

Still E.A. as a company qualifies for the title too, with their lawsuits from unpaid overtime to over 5000 employees, horrendous micro-transaction schemes on full blown $60 games, their mobile platform, which is horrendous to say the least. E.A. is the most greediest of all the gaming companies.

Pandamobile1258d ago

EA is actually a pretty great place to work these days. They've changed a lot in ten years.

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