5 things we want in Fallout 4

Nerd Reactor lists the 5 things it wants from Fallout 4.

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-Foxtrot1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

"2. Multiplayer"

"3. Companion App"

Testfire1237d ago

If co op were done right without comprising the single player experience than what's the problem? I would love to co op this game with my son. Either way though, we're both stoked for this game.

-Foxtrot1237d ago

Why would you want to gamble on that.

We've waited 7 years for this, not worth the gamble

Just accept the franchise for what it is and if you want silly co-op go play on another co-op RPG

Testfire1237d ago

There's nothing wrong with having a wish list or having a healthy debate. What's up with the "gtfo" and go play another game attitude? Like I already said, I'm more excited for this game than you know as its one of if not my all time favorite games.

Some guy made an article and I'm responding in turn with my opinions. Its not like I'm making a petition or something. Seriously, some of you guys need to learn communication skills and chill out.

FRAKISTAN1237d ago

100% agree with you foxtrot

Rookie_Monster1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

1. Mod
2. 1440 - 4k resolution
3. 60fps
4. Discounted price at launch
5. Mod

Please no mp.

Splatoon1237d ago

Multiplayer in Fallout? Just leave the internet now please.

Eulderink1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

More like what he wants.

Only thing I agree on is the engine, and companions a bit :D

Multiplayer would be nice, but I don't think it will work out
if they implented it in the story unless, it's more of a co-op companion. (omg)

Would rather see the world more alive, and more choices which matter.

That's what i loved about fallout 3 ^^, destroying megaton was the best or killing/letting the gouls at tenpenny tower in :D

Summons751237d ago

1) Ditch the dog, preferably as soon as you leave the vault or have him killable.
2) Protag only talks in cut scenes and not for dialogue choices or in gameplay.
3) Better stealth (you can make amazing stealth in The Elder Scrolls but you dropped the ball in Fallout 3, give me stealth please)
4) Different races, because why not be unique and who doesn't want to be a zombie/freak in Fallout? Not only that but it would make the game so much better by having some characters be racist toward you too.
5) No multiplayer, ever, the end. People asked for years for an mmo of TES, they got it and the same people cried. Don't do the same, please.

-Foxtrot1236d ago

4) Wouldn't that cause problems

I mean I would like it but think about it. If you were a Ghoul then you might not be welcomed most places meaning they've got to work on an alternative way to get in/out of someplace for example...creating more work for them.

Then you have Super Mutants which are kind of big, not really saw many Super Mutants in some places in Fallout 3 because most of them are pretty small spaced.

5) I obviously agree with that.

Good point though.

People moaned for online, they got Elder Scrolls Online. They'll then get a Fallout Online.

It's kind of why I'm confident they won't add online. Why do the Online games if you are going to put that shit in the main ones.

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