'The Witcher 3' May Have Ruined Other RPGs From Here On Out

This has been a year of firsts for me, gaming-wise. Namely, I’m diving into series or genres I’ve never normally stepped foot in as they haven’t really been my “thing.” First, I devoured Bloodborne after quitting several Souls games early on, generally annoyed with the difficulty of Miyazaki’s games. And now I’m playing The Witcher 3 after skipping the first two for a multitude of reasons, namely, they just didn’t interest me and seemed like the kind of overly technical RPG I would grow tired of quickly.

But like my time with Bloodborne, spending a few weeks with The Witcher 3 has been nothing short of a revelation. So much so that I worry that it’s going to dampen my enthusiasm for the entire genre, if future games don’t live up to this new standard set by CD Projekt Red.

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ArchangelMike1286d ago

I completey agree, The Witcher 3 has set a new RPG standard. I think it just surpasses Skyrim, just because of the extra polish that it has. In terms of NPC's, quests, combat, story telling, dialogue, voice acting, etc etc etc I think its up there as one of the best RPGs out there.

DoctorFry1286d ago

I agree, Skyrim's production value is pathetic compared to TW3. You'd think a AAA studio could hire more than - I don't know - 12 voice actors. I hope Bethesda worked on a new engine for Fallout 4 after all these years.

nX1285d ago

Bethesda definitely have to step their game up now, it's mind-boggling what CD Project Red was able to achieve with TW3, it's hard to imagine how anyone can top that level of quality.

geddesmond1286d ago

The only thing the Witcher 3 needs is a deep combat system. You get tired of the same few strikes the game has. Its just dodge, parry, strike roll strike repeat

Eidolon1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

That's just it.... it's simple, but fun and hard to master, like Souls games. Witcher combat has a lot more going for it though, with more buffs, signs, traits, etc.

thekhurg1285d ago

More than any other open world RPG has for combat.

himdeel1285d ago

I agree that the combat is the least enjoyable part of the Witcher for me. Its not horrible but not my favorite. If I could replace just the striking parrying combat in Witcher for whats in Shadow of Mordor, this game would be much better in my opinion.

TedCruzsTaint1286d ago

I think it surpasses Skyrim because it offers a (mostly) open world, but with actual content, proper writing, and engaging combat.

Let alone the fact that it allows for choices that actually affect the game itself.

Maxor1286d ago

This game is the 1st RPG breakthrough in a long, looooong time. In fact I haven't seen a game like this since the original Fallout.

Before the Witcher, fantasy RPGs all fall into roughly 3 categories.

1. D&D or D&D clones
2. LOTR clones
3. Gothic or Nordic fantasy.

The world of the Witcher is none of the above. This stark, war ravaged and poverty stricken Eastern European fantasy somehow managed to present a world that is totally different, yet similar enough for me to slip right in. They really did an amazing job.

AndrewLB1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I just finished my first play-through and have to say this game is absolutely incredible. No RPG in the last 5 years comes even remotely close. What really stood out for me is they actually managed to properly account for actions taken in the previous games they directly affected the ending. Basically, they managed to pull off everything that Bioware promised to do with ME3, only to be lied to when they gave us 3 cookie cutter endings.
I didn't get a happy ending and when looking back, I know exactly why.


How do you know bloodybutcher isn't a short fat black guy and wants his character to be as such? Oh I know... you're one of those hypersensitive people who are perpetually offended at anyone who'd dare make a comment involving a politically protected minority group that you are not a part of. Let me say to you that black people don't need guilt-ridden self-hating white people running to "save" them every time they imagine faux-racism. In fact, what you did is far more offensive than bloodybutcher's comment.

JsonHenry1285d ago

The fact that even side quests are so well done is what impressed me about the game. You always expect the main quests to be fleshed out well. But sometimes in this game I can't remember if I'm completing a main quest, side quest, or just one I happened to come across while wandering around.

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-Foxtrot1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

We'll see once Fallout 4 is out

I'm sorry but with an RPG game I like to have a character who I can shape into my fighting preference. With the Witcher you can't do that, Geralt is a warrior to the bitter end. It's what separates RPG's in my opinion. Story driven ones like the Witcher to something more open like Elder Scrolls.

Once I come out of the vault or where ever next in Fallout 4 I can shape my character anyway I want. He'll be a blank state.

Main thing I want Bethesda to learn from the Witcher 3 is the map size.

I want to see at least two regions joined together in Elder Scrolls VI with another being DLC

bloodybutcher1286d ago

it's like saying, that you want to play Uncharted(yes, i know, not an rpg, my point still applies, but you'd like to make Drake a short and obese black guy with no hair, because you like to customize your characters. The Witcher's protagonist is an existing(in his fantasy world) character with established background and(more or less) looks, so see it for what it is.

omegaheat1285d ago

"Short obese black guy with no hair"? I understand you were trying to make a point, but it's pretty obvious that you tacked on the black ethnicity with the intention of stressing how bad it would be if the game allowed you to customize Geralt's features. I guess you're more comfortable with the cliche that a protagonist is more appealing if it's a tall muscular white guy with long hair.

YodaCracker1285d ago

@omegaheat No. He was making his point by describing a character that is completely the opposite of Nathan Drake.

kraenk121286d ago

The map size is not what makes Skyrim look pale compared to The Witcher 3. Everything else is.

Erik73571286d ago

Na...Fallout 4 is gonna blow this away...
It's a breath of fresh air from stuff like witcher and skyrim


I love how everyone is jumping up and down that Fallout is going to blow this away...

I remember the hype building up to fallout3 then the game came out and everyone was complaining about how it was a buggy mess of a game. I personally loved fallout but I remember all the flack they got over bugs etc.

Then skyrim came and everyone was hyped for it. then it released and again everyone was crying about all the game breaking bugs and how the story was short etc...

I am just saying here we have a master piece of a game and already people are saying fallout is oing to blow it away... and we know nothing about the new fallout

ArchangelMike1285d ago

Please tell me what thelottery numbers are for this weeks game... I mean... you obvioulsy have a magic crystal ball that can predict the future /s

Dude, we know aboslutely nothing about Fallout 4, for all you know it could be an isometric RPG. How about we wait till we at least see gameplay trailers before we begin making such claims.

bozdo1286d ago

But Bethesda can't into atmosphere! Hoping they're gonna drop the Gamebryo engine, fallout and skyrim felt superficial, they're not good with immersion.

Tiqila1286d ago

skyrim was very good with immersion IMO. Played it 40 hours spending most of my time talking to NPCs. I also really enjoyed the dungeons and the first time a dragon landed in front of me I almost got a heart attack.

Airyck1286d ago

Idk I love Witcher but I feel like Skyrim ruined the genre for me cause so far I haven't enjoyed anything else as much. I like building my character my way and you can't do that as well as you can in Skryim. The story telling and quests so far are better in Witcher but I like a lot of things in Skyrim more.

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