Top 5 Xbox One Exclusive Indie Games We Can't Wait to Hear More About at E3 2015

OnlySP: Indies have become a prominent part of the video game industry in the past few years with both Sony and Microsoft reaching out to indie developers extensively, with Sony originally leading the way, and Microsoft playing catch up. Now, in the lead up to E3 this year, there are as many Indie games as there are triple A titles that we can’t wait to hear about. Last week I talked about the Top 5 Sony Indies we hope to hear about at E3, but for this week we are looking at Xbox One Indies which are kicking up a storm.

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Moldiver1233d ago

Below is one of my most wanted games! :)

I think its awesome.

kazuma561232d ago

Where is GHOST OF A TALE? Number one in my list

PockyKing1232d ago

Won't be at E3 unfortunately.