E3 2015 and Sony First-Party Studios – What We Know So Far

Based on job listings and announcements, PSLS takes a look at what each first party studio is working on

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DigitalRaptor1232d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Nearly all of Sony's first-party studios have been at work for 3-4 years on PS4 games that should be ready to either tease or demonstrate by now. E3 should be amazing.

@ AussieGamer1

Wow. and he's serious guys... He's serious.

Like _-EDMIX-_ said below (amazingly well written comment by the way dude), Halo no longer has the pull it once did even as Microsoft's golden goose. You'll believe that when it arrives. Microsoft will market the heck out of it, and It will do really well, but I really don't see how it pulls as much as it did many years ago.

Unless Halo 5's single player demo is mind-blowingly innovative or fresh or doing something amazing graphically, it's not going to blow anything out of the water this E3. Fans will go GOO GOO because they are dedicated fans, but coming out of E3 more gamers will probably be talking more about Uncharted, Horizon or No Man's Sky or any of their other new IPs than Halo because there is always something unexpected there. With Halo - you know what to expect, and an FPS is not going to move the significance of any other much announcement or demo that is worth the hype.

Horizon is a new IP and the concept alone is looking more sensational, fresh and original than Halo in this current gaming climate. You seem very distracted and hung up by Guerrilla's output when in fact none of their games has been bad, and they've all been good to great. Additionally, if you want to play that game, 343i is an utter embarrassment to the franchise in what it did with a legacy release, and since even the most dedicated fans I've talked to say that Halo 4 is the worst and most casualised iteration in the franchise, why would you put your trust in that particular developer as if they're going to bring you God's gift this year?

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comebackkid98911231d ago

Hope we have a date with Bend and Ico (:

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rainslacker1232d ago

Good rundown here. I like how it doesn't list the things we don't know to confuse things. Although some may take this to mean that there is nothing but what we know now. While reading I kept thinking, "but what about this studio's other team/teams", or "what about this studio, why isn't it mentioned", but then realized it was an article about what was already known.

mindtwang1231d ago

Thank you for the kind words. Just wanted to focus on the facts so readers could come to their own conclusions and speculate.

FattyBoy3D1231d ago

What we know so far? #sparse

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