Sony E3 2015 Predictions: The PS4 Will Finally Deliver

CraveOnline: "The PS4 has been a disappointing console thus far, though its lack of games was hardly unexpected. Its showing at E3 last year was disappointing, with the company failing to really validate its position as the leader of the pack in this early life cycle of this current console generation by failing to show us very few upcoming releases we could get excited about. However, I believe that E3 2015 may prove to be a turning point for the system, with its software finally looking to live up to its sales."

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madmonkey011237d ago

does anyone need to read past "The PS4 has been a disappointing console thus far"?

CowbopBeboy1237d ago

What hasn't been disappointing about it? It's been almost 2 years since it was released and thus far there's only been one truly great, critically-acclaimed game released on the console.

guyman1237d ago

Same cant be said about the xbox one then.

Erik73571237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

I mean it's been terms of exclusives the only one that was critically acclaimed was Bloodborne...I like Second Son though.

When we start to get games like Uncharted 4, Fallout 4, God of War 4,grand theft out 6,etc.

Is when this generation will be good

CowbopBeboy1237d ago

guyman: it has nothing to do with the Xbox One. I'm talking about the PS4.

BlackTar1871237d ago

The article talks about xbox so the comment section has every right to include that since the article is comparing the two.

Kingscorpion711237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Lol, Xbox one too. They haven't release one great game since I guess Halo.

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Magicite1237d ago

It has delivered since day one to over 20m lucky users.

SpaceRanger1237d ago

"The PS4 Will Finally Deliver"

Really? PS4 has been delivering games and game focused content since launch as compared to the competition. First it's "PS4 has no games" as if quantity matters. Then when everyone realizes the PS4 has more games than the major competition (see below), all of a sudden "it's about quality and none of those games are quality" as if personal opinion is fact?

Honestly, I get that some people are used to waiting to the holidays for something new. And I understand that those same people believe that you have to choose quality (gameplay/resolution) over quantity of games or vice versa. But PS4 has both and has been delivering since the start:

It has games announced and unannounced coming out just like the competition.

madmonkey011237d ago

well said, i had planned to right something like that in my first comment but decided it would be ignored.

CowbopBeboy1237d ago

It's a matter of opinion. I own both PS4 and Xbox One and have been more impressed with the Xbox One's exclusives thus far.

SpaceRanger1237d ago

I get that, but no one has even said the word "Xbox One"?
This article is about PS4 games since launch and Playstation's E3.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1237d ago

Xbox One hasn't released anything this year except for games available on PC, remasters, and Screamride. So in terms of the year 2015, which is part of the topic being discussed, what exactly have you been impressed with? Serious question...

ritsuka6661236d ago

4 has been a disappointing console thus far in terms of its lack of software''

I have agree here........... Sony's first party is a joke these days. =/

AngelicIceDiamond1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

"The PS4 has had a disappointing line-up of games since its launch, though Sony is likely looking to change that starting at E3."

I noticed outlets have been saying that lately. Lets be honest both systems haven't had that must have AAA imo both have been playing it safe so far Weather its Infamous, Killzone, LBP Halo, Deadrising Tombraider and Forza. We've had Knack, Drive Club, The Order, and Bloodborne. Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive and Ryse.

TF and Bloodborne are probably the most memorable new Ip's. We need to franchises, franchises that are memorable and great say like the first Halo, the first Uncharted the first Gears and God Of War that leave an impression that lasts forever and makes you say WOW.

I get it that's not easy to do. in fact its almost striking gold in a way. These new Ip's from either company just aren't very memorable at the moment great fun experiences but didn't make you said WOW say when you first played Halo or Uncharted.

Here's this E3 we have that next Halo and Uncharted. I know Sony specifically can do it because Sony's teams are methodical and carefully develop and plan that's good these games are taking a while from Sony as Andrew House suggest.

Looking forward to Sony's E3.

SpaceRanger1237d ago

It's what happens when they aren't telling the whole world what they're going to show at E3.
Their silence doesn't always mean lack of things to say or show.

GdaTyler1237d ago

They sure will, this E3 will be crucial in sustaining the momentum PS4 still has going currently. If they have an underwhelming E3 it could spell trouble. I expect a lot from them anyways, so I hope they don't disappoint. ^_^

SoapShoes1237d ago

It's not really crucial with its main competition slacking. If their competition suddenly had more exclusives or at the very least equal it might put lots of pressure on them.

nevin11237d ago

I guess to be fair to Sony, they did release big budget games that didn't just pan out.

Anyway, Im glad I haven't bought a PS4/Xone yet.

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