GTA V: Bigger, Better, And Prettier On Pc

Rockstar says it’s been working on a PC port of its popular console title, Grand Theft Auto V, since the beginning. It’s been bit of a rocky road, with a couple of delays, but now that the game’s here, it’s hard to argue with the dev team’s dedication. GTA V on PC is a sprawling game with a huge amount of content, and it takes full advantage of all the power of a good desktop gaming system.

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T9001261d ago

I am currently playing GTA 5 @ 5160 * 2160 DSR resolution on the PC. With some tweaks, The game looks bloody amazing.

airshiraz1260d ago

5180 2160??whats ur monitor aspect ratio?i use 3840 . 2160

T9001260d ago

I have a 3440 * 1440 monitor 21:9 aspect ratio, after DSR i can hit a resolution of 5160 * 2160. At which point any game barely needs any sort of AA.

Needs a Pair of Titan X's liquid oced to 1.6 ghz to pull this resolution off.

airshiraz1260d ago

so ur screen is 21.9 i allways wanted to know if dsr works good on 21.9 monitor too?it works perfect on 16.9

T9001260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

21.9 is amazing DSR works perfectly. My monitor is 34inches:

I previously had 3x 1080p monitors for Nvidia surround(note DSR does not work with Nvidia surround), However i think 1 monitor with 21:9 is better since it removes the bezzels and it requires less GPU power to run vs 3x 1080p. Also since its 1440p it just looks better vs the 1080p monitors.

airshiraz1260d ago

wow u r a guy like me
i spend a lot for gaming too and i love to play with highest quality
lets chat sometimes on yahoo about gaming
add my yahoo its jarshak

Khajiit861261d ago

If it wasnt for mods I never would have bought it on PC. Owned it on PS3 and PS4 so I have overplayed it already.... But those mods, some of them make the game at least 10x more fun.

PlayableGamez1260d ago

That is the problem, why did buy it on PS4 knowing the PC version was on it's way?

1260d ago
Khajiit861260d ago

I had a feeling the Jan release was going to get delayed, which it did. Sold PS4 version for $45 like a month before PC version. That $15 brought a lot of fun for me and my friends.

dragonaught0071261d ago

This game ever since launch on last gen was pretty flawless other then the online issue campaign side was rock solid, now on pc and next gen game even more amazing rockstar has done an amazing job and the fact that next week there adding more free online content is awesome of them

FattyBoy3D1261d ago

Its only bigger, better and prettier on PC if u have a PC capable of making it bigger, better and prettier. 95% of PC gamers play on PCs with lower specs than 8th gen consoles. just saying

mixelon1261d ago

And? Most "proper" gaming enthusiasts play on equal or greater specs than the 8th Gen consoles. Also, steam hardware survey show your "95%" to be totally off.

Most 'gamers' on windows are playing low spec games like hearthstone, WoW, Minecraft, etc - things that work on any old machine - even integrated Intel chipsets. People interested in playing games like GTA have systems capable of running games like GTA. It's well enough optimised to run well on quite mediocre hardware.

freshslicepizza1261d ago

most people don't play games, just sayin'

Perjoss1261d ago

Its a night and day difference on how they handled the GTA IV port. They have done a stellar job with this. It takes a bit of a beast to fully max everything but its not due to poor optimization at all as its clear you're being rewarded with crazy draw distance and a ton of on screen vehicles and pedestrians.

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The story is too old to be commented.