New Xbox One System Software Updates in Preview Fix Multiplayer and Party Chat Issues

If you’re a member of the Xbox One preview program and had trouble with the multiplayer of some games or with party chat notifications, help is on the way.

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Menkyo1287d ago

I thought the last five were supposed to do that?

Septic1287d ago

Yeah lol. Bloody 2gb update as well. So annoying.

whitesoxfalife19761287d ago

only reason why u may be getting that big of an update is maybe because you haven't updated your system like you should be doing. I never have gotten an update file that big always have been in the 250mb range.

UnHoly_One1287d ago

Do you not use the background downloads option so it updates itself while in standby?

I can't imagine joining the preview program and then not using that option, it's like you are asking to be annoyed a couple times a week while you have to wait for an update.

hello121287d ago

2gb update all updates are only 250mb at most.

RzaDaRazor1287d ago

You knowingly chose to be in the preview program so complaining of it being annoying is actually annoying.

Septic1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Wait, do your preview updates download in the background too? Mine don't. Maybe I need to enable them.

The update was definitely 2gb. I'll have to check my settings

Rocky51286d ago

You get a 2GB update if you miss one of the 256MB updates, that only really effects people that don't use the instant on power mode.

I to had to download a 2016MB (2GB) update, as I missed 1 prior preview update.

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Mikefizzled1287d ago

Different games and different issues. The last 2gb update was the May monthly which added a few features like voice messages and added additional smartglass and Windows 10 cross functionality.

The like 250mb are fixes regarding party chat and specific game related multiplayer issues.

WizzroSupreme1287d ago

Ugh. System updates. Bane of this generation.

Immorals1287d ago

This is for us preview members. We knew what to expect when we signed up!

UnHoly_One1287d ago

No, that was the bane of last generation, when you had to wait for them to download and install.

Xbox One does them all silently in the background while it is turned "off".

I wouldn't even notice it had updated most of the time, unless I notice a new feature or check the preview dashboard app.

brads41287d ago

So you would rather be stuck with outdated OS features, and baked in bugs like the bad old days?? What would you suggest! It's as minimally invasive as humanly possible.

Godz Kastro1287d ago

As long as you have it on auto update you should never be inconvenienced with them.

I never see update screens.

Shazz1287d ago

Option for more pins or folders is badly needed

jspsc1231287d ago

334GY-HF36W-KPR2F-63677-C2QJZ Black Flag on XBONE.