Photo-realistic Crysis?

Almost perfect version of a Crysis Nanosuit. More than 1,000,000 polygones and highres textures.

medicshelley5540d ago

Sweet pics to bad it will never be in the final product.

killax35635540d ago (Edited 5540d ago )

Most people can tell that's CG.

Photorealism isn't all about the number of polygons. Lighting and how simple/complex the model is is just as important.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue looks way more photorealistic then these screenshots of Crysis. A lot of that has to do with the fact that cars are a lot easier to model then human beings.

Millah5540d ago

CG?? Ummm sorry but thats real-time character models, not CG.

psiom5540d ago

Real time character models ARE CG. you have the terms confused apparently.

CG stands for Computer Generated, and is a shortened version of the acronym CGI, which is Computer Generated Imagery.

Adamalicious5539d ago

I agree. I was going to say that this just goes to show that countless polygons and high res textures do not make something photoreal. It's like they spent all their time on Textures and polys and 10 minutes on lighting - which is absolutely more important.

mistertwoturbo5539d ago (Edited 5539d ago )

Guys this is just the character model. I'm sure once the HDR lighting, blur and other FX are implemented. Then it would look more photorealistic. Because the amount of detail is almost comparable to real life.

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rickyjb235540d ago

how ? has any one seen a guy walking down the street in one of these? but i have to say looks prety damn good.

Menchi5540d ago

I've never understood the term Photo-realistic being used in regards to Crysis... Or any game for that matter.

There's no game I've ever seen, that's even come close to it with in-game graphics. Yes, they look amazing by computing standards, but almost real, no.

killax35635540d ago

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is very close to photorealistic.

Infernus5539d ago

...but effects like smoke and explosions have got very close to real-life. The smoke in Killzone 2 looks real, it blows in the wind and moves properly. CG people are a whole different kettle of fish, the day we can't distinguish a CG person from a real one is the day we have true virtual reality not just photo-realism.

Some of the vids of GT5P made me think I was watching real cars, I knew I wasn't, but the fact that some doubt was there indicates it's very realistic.

mistertwoturbo5539d ago


Break down the word. PHOTO - REALISTIC.

In a sense, if something is to look photorealistic. Then it would look like realism, that's taken as a photo. Like a picture.

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QueefyB5540d ago

this must be the rumored crysis ps3 version

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5540d ago

Yeah the thought of crysis on the PS3 is making our terrorist friend here Loco.

Shroomy5540d ago

You're PS3 lacks the RAM capable of rendering a huge jungle, so you'll just have to stick with MGO for the mean time!

Ontopic: awesome render!

Crazyglues5539d ago

it is possible, have you seen the high detail on the cars in MotorStorm 1... or the renders of GT5p's cars....

it's just that if you put that much into the character then how would they get the boards...

The Real Question here is, are they doing this for a PS3 version, or for Crysis 2 ..? (PC)

I want to see more... This is looking amazing.

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