Tekken 6 (PS3) in December '08

Speaking in a recent interview with GameEX Magazine, Bandai's Haruki Suzaki uncovered that Tekken 6 is slated to hit retailers during December 2008.

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Dark vader4395d ago

its releasing in december, but they haven't started on the 360 version yet?

hay4395d ago

Yup. Nobody said that X360 version will be released at the same time. If will be made. Wow, it would be first multi-platform Tekken. Why do I have a feeling that nobody would be really concerned about Tekken going to xbox? Unlike ff13? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Dark vader4395d ago

No your right. I've never been a big fan of figthing games period so i don't really care if it did go. Plus the ps3 controller is the better controller for figthing games.

Fishy Fingers4395d ago

Well Id rather play Tekken than FF (not an RPG fan) and I couldnt care less if it goes multiplatform, I'll just buy it for ever it releases on first, easy.

Oh, that all depends on reviews and Street Fighter 4. I prefer the SF format so I'll take that over Tekken if they release near each other and well, from what I've seen, Tekken 6 looks like Tekken 5DR with barely better visuals, exactly the same animations and a few more charcters. Not exactly looking to be a huge improvement over the PSN title.

Wildarmsjecht4395d ago

Correct me if Im wrong, but Namco never stated that it was coming to 360 right? Sure, it's possible, seeing as multiplatform titles are the way to go (Thank you Capcom for stating that) but at the end, I doubt they'd hold back the PS3 version so the 360 version could catch up if that were the case. Not like SE. Numb nuts that they are.

LeSouteneur4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

Do people have short memories these days or something? This was approved at n4g 4 months ago..... in APRIL!

Here's the original article:

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4394d ago

Actually Tekken 5 was also on the 360.A mistake which shall not be repeated.

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Marty83704394d ago

The Arcade version of Tekken 6 uses PS3 hardware, making a port too PS3 easily done. Tekken 6 has never been designed to go multi platform, so thats the reason I doubt it will ever come too 360. It would take a total redesigned engine, so even if it happen. Bots I would'nt expect the 360 version to happen over night.

juuken4394d ago

PS3 controllers are better for fighting games, hands down. I can't imagine using a 360 controller for that game. :/

Mr PS34394d ago

Using a 360 controller for Anything !!!!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4394d ago

The D-pad and smooth grip of the PS3 controller is the best option.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4394d ago

Best controller EVER!!!;)
+If anyone hasn't got a DS3 pad yet...GET ONE NOW!!!;-P
It's Lovely;)

La Chance4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

what has this got to do with the 360 controller ?

eagle214394d ago

I don't think they made the 360 controller with multiple game genres in mind.

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madestar4394d ago

tekkn 6 on 360 will never happen. period. end of discussion

gambare4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

they said the same about FFXIII or virtua fighter, but those titles were never really exclusives, the fact they were launch in arcades makes them a multiplatform title. about the final fantasy exclusive I have the previous final fantasy on PC format, or we can say, windows format. there is a chance for this title to appear on 360 but nothing is sure about exclusiveness this times.

But just like VF there is a chance to see a port for the 360 in about a year, maybe, I don't know just like many exclusives from both consoles, with the announce of FFXIII many exclusive titles for both consoles are in a I don't know stance about their exclusiveness.

madestar4394d ago

i never thought of FF series as an exclusive... it came on PC and NINTENDO.. tekken has been part of the playstation for a long time.. they never jumped ships once.. they're loyal to ps3... square-enix in the other hand jumps ships frequently so not a surprise on the so called news of FFXIII coming to 360..

Cyber Gamer4394d ago

damn this news was up all ready posted again lol

anyway if this does come to the xbox 360 there pad is not for playing fighting games there d-pad is just to crap unless your playing halo 2.5 lol

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