Women In FIFA 16: Best Addition In Years

Addition of women to FIFA 16 is the best addition to the franchise since the Ultimate Team, yet some fail to see its benefits.

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2pacalypsenow1239d ago

Nah... all the south american leagues that have been added has been the best addition

ninsigma1238d ago

Best addition in years?? If that's the case then fifa is worse than I thought. Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing and it's absurd that it has taken until 2015 to include women in the game, but lets be real here, they're just character models, the game will be the same whether you play as a woman or a man. So well done ea for finally recognizing football isn't a male only sport, but if this is the best new addition, then just stop making fifa games, you've ran out of ideas.

On a side note, not being sexist or anything, but that tweet made me chuckle xD
(Because of its reference to the stereotype, not because I believe women can't park).

reallyNow1238d ago

ball control: 99. aggression: 99.

rdgneoz31238d ago

Since they're strong independent women who don't need a man telling them what to do, will the player be able to actually play a women's match or will the AI do everything on it's own?

pompombrum1238d ago

The fact that it is the best addition in years shows just how sloppy EA have got with Fifa imho.

Chivas111238d ago

The first two tweets had me laughing so hard

DillyDilly1238d ago

Never thought Id say the day where a Soccer game might get some nude mods

Pastorfuzz1238d ago

And running animations like the sorceress in Dragons Crown!

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The story is too old to be commented.