Game announcements and showcases to expect from the Microsoft Xbox E3 2015 Press Conference

Game Idealist's list of game announcements and showcases to expect from the upcoming Microsoft Xbox E3 2015 Press Conference.

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nigelp5201232d ago

Besides all the stuff we know heres what I expect

Twisted Pixel shows off Battletoads
Rareware shows off their new game
Toylogic shows off their new Microsoft game
Mojang shows of Hologens for Minecraft
Press Play shows off new IP
FIT – Holobuilder/Minecraft on Microsoft HoloLens
(FUN)ction Studios new Microsoft HoloLens game
Good Science Studio new game
Leap Experience Pioneers new game
Platform Next Studios new game

Moldiver1232d ago

MS are looking strong...real strong. 12 more days to go!

Seeing mass effect on MS stage again would be cool. Back where it started. I bet they wish they bought Bioware when they had the chance.

I could see fallout 4 being a thing for MS. They have always had a good relationship with bathesda.

Maybe MS will go one step further...making "amends for SF4" like phil said not long ago in a tweet. I just have a strange feeling they have some big things up there sleeve alongside what we know of having halo, FM6, two gears games, scalebound, quantum break,fable legends, below, cuphead, inside, elite:dangerous, gigantic alongside fallout 4, ME4 as 3rd party marketing deals (or something more severe if they are feeling some type of way about SF5..)and the surprises from rare, and there other studios .....thats a VERY strong E3 showing on paper.

Im hibernating for a few days to digest it all.

nigelp5201231d ago

Bro im excited lol. I might call off work. Im glad they made 6 new studios just for hololens so their other teams can just make whatever they want

Mikefizzled1232d ago

The impression Phil and Phil gave a couple of months back is the Twisted Pixel are developing a new IP, bigger than their games. LXP are developers of Holobuilder. SOTA are developing the Mars experience. Lift London are MIA, still.

jb2271231d ago

So basically blow their whole portfolio at E3 & save nothing for Gamescom? You also forgot to throw the "Hololens game" signifier on those last 3. I can see the first two potentially happening but MS' E3 will most likely focus in on games already announced like QB, Scalebound & Halo 5. Probably some talk about Windows 10 & MAYBE a short HoloLens showcase.