Top 10 Xbox One Exclusives

"Regardless of what side of the console war you sit, you’ve gotta admit that both Xbox One and PS4 have an impressive array of exclusive games to offer. Today we’re looking at the Top 10 Xbox One Exclusives… so far. Check out our list and let us know what your favourite Xbox One exclusive games are!" - GameSpew

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Kingscorpion711287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

If one own a PC there simply isn't much need to get an XBox.

Kingscorpion711287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

And who are you???? You shut up pr---

GenuineGamer1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Halo, Forza, Gears, Sunset, Killer Instinct, Scalebound, Quantum Break, Eden Falls, Battletoads, Blues and Bullets, Crackdown, Raiden, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Sword of Legends, Shooting Love Trilogy,Crimson Dragon, Class 4, ect...

Then theres all the multiplats and console exclusives like Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Ori, ect.. to add to that and more new game announcements at e3.

Plus all the multimedia abilities, xbox live multiplayer and free games with gold.

There are PLENTY of reasons to own an Xbox for things you can't get anywhere else.

We get it. You don't like Xbox, otherwise you would not be making such a silly comment. Maybe stick to threads that interest you and take your negativity with you.

twiggytree121287d ago

Killer Instinct has been my favorite so far, Forza 5 also gets alot of love.