Destiny Update Out Now

New update is now available - but you'll be kicked out of all activities to get it

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Digital_Anomaly1260d ago

Eeeps, I guess I still need to be playing it regularly to get booted from any activities I'm participating in! Seeing as I have the Season Pass and all I should probably look at diving back in.

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Kurt Russell1259d ago

The new content is refreshing and a much needed improvement, however a couple of weeks in now and it's already becoming stale again. Matching making is needed for all aspects of the game to keep me in long term.

xHeavYx1260d ago

Glad they increased the drop rate for treasure keys. That thing's been a pain to get. They fixed the looting "cheat" though.
The ammo consumables stacking up to 100 is great.

cell9891260d ago

so higher rate drop on keys, but you cant leave the area and come back to get chest again?

Anyway the game has been a blast so far, so many activities to do on 1 weekly reset, I now have to choose what to play lol

2 raids
3 arena heroic modefiers
Trials of Osiris
Iron Banner
Plus bounties to raise up queens reputation

x3 since I have 3 characters at 33,33,34

TotalSynthesisX1260d ago

There goes Bungie again forcing us to play their poorly balanced garbage called the Crucible for important stuff we can't easily obtain anywhere else.

"Oh, you need Etheric Light to Ascend your gear? Okay, you can either do two insanely hard horde matches a week, or get destroyed by Supers and Thorns for a few hours in the Iron Banner and be able to buy all the Etheric Light you want!"

F*** off.

xHeavYx1260d ago

Yeah, they should give you everything the easy way, that way you level up everything at once and lose interest in the game...

Christopher1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

They should at least give us a reason to keep playing rather than stacking everything against us. It's already to the point where a lot of people who are 34 won't play with lower level people in PoE. I've yet to finish 34 PoE due to no friends online when I can play and shitty people via LFG.

Why not match making if I'm going to be forced to play with randoms anyway? At least it would be quicker for me.

I've done 6 Nightfalls and no Etheric light at all. Sure, they can drop, but seems they really don't.

And ToO? Yeah, I'm not made for PvP.

TotalSynthesisX1260d ago

So it's okay to give a massive shortcut to the players willing to play that trash while giving the finger to the ones who prefer PoE? I'm not saying it should be made easier to get good stuff; I'm saying it shouldn't just be given away to one group over the other. I shouldn't have to be forced to play PvP to get stuff that I need for PvE.

xHeavYx1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I always find people to play with on the forums, but you should try to be at least LVL 32 with all your characters.
You should have gotten Etheric Light to help level up some of your armor (and you can level up your lvl 31 Hunter's boots (yeah, I've been stalking you ;) ). Besides, you can get a Gear piece each week by doing LVL 32 PoE.
Hit lvl 33 at least and I'll try to help you with LVL 34.

You can make the same argument about people who enjoy PVP but not single player. Or you can stop crying and play both until you level up. It's super easy to level up in Iron Banner enough to get to lvl 5 (and this coming from someone who doesn't play PVP unless there is an event)

iClenchTatas1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Went 9-0 on three characters this weekend. The titan is harder to win with than the other two, but when you have good teamwork, it all works out in the end. I love trials, it is so much fun.

iClenchTatas1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Xbox One GT: ENGR Prodigy
if anyone wants to play iron banner.

Halo2ODST21260d ago

Trials ? DBD Halo Legend.

n4rc1260d ago

I've hit rank 5 in every iron banner.. Its really not hard.. And I really don't play any crucible except IB..

nightfall can drop them as well

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WizzroSupreme1260d ago

Tell me: is Destiny worth getting back into now? Is House of Wolves that awesome or Vault of Glass? Haven't really touched it in ages.

reallyNow1260d ago

I'm wondering the same thing..

Peace_Love_and_FPS1260d ago

Yes it is, on the condition that you have friends to play with.

If not, I'm willing to add you guys should you need someone to help you out and get you caught up on what's new :)

n4rc1260d ago

I enjoy it.. But I haven't stopped playing but feel how improved the game quite a bit..

tack1291259d ago

It's improved since launch. Heck most of the bugs in the raids are fixed. You definitely need to have friends to play it.

However if you didn't enjoy the game at launch, you still won't be able to enjoy it. If you did enjoy it but got bored then go ahead.