Bioware: Mass Effect Trilogy Exclusive to 360 - Mass Effect 2 in '09? (XboxOZ360)

In the just released September issue of Australian 360, comes the commitment of Bioware CEO Ray Muzyka "to bring the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360."

Speaking exclusively to Australian 360 at EA's European Showcase, Muzyka also stated "we said we were committed to supporting Mass Effect as a franchise and have the trilogy on the Xbox 360, and that's still our goal", before adding to the question of the trilogy staying exclusive with what appears to be a subtle jibe at Sony, saying "we're always very ambitious in our goals and the most important thing is quality, so we're never going to compromise that."

Not only will the trilogy stay exclusive to the 360, but it will be released entirely on the 360 platform. And for our gaming colleagues who enjoy their PS3's and Wii's there's still hope that they may yet get to experience the wonderful world of Mass Effect, albeit not within the Commander Shepard based trilogy.

But beyond all the console positioning and future IP speculation are some juicy details for the current trilogy that should get fans excited for what appears to be a 2009 release for Mass Effect 2...

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paul_war5612d ago

A bit of a shame (if true), Mass Effect is one of the best RPGs I've played of this gen.

It would have been great for everyone to have played it.

Superfragilistic5612d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

It's personally my favourite RPG this gen. But PS3/Wii fans shouldn't lament, looks like the Mass Effect universe will continue to expand on all platforms after the trilogy. :)

EDIT: Bubbles to Paul War for a refreshingly multiplatform attitude! :)

Lifendz5612d ago

hopefully the PS3 has more in the way of RPGs by then. Surprising move on EA's part considering the growing install base of PS3. I'll remain skeptical until I get something a bit more official.

CAPT IRISH5612d ago

I like to see were they take ME after Shepard's trilogy

edhe5612d ago

Well, to be honest, you can play mass effect 1 for the least number of notes required in this generation. In the UK anyway. Christ, you could get a 360 and ME for less than Wii and BIG BEACH PARTY!!!

So it's not a bad thing really.

However - more ME, woop woop \o/

Superfragilistic5612d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

Agreed. Personally I hope it's not another MMO (aka KOTOR) but a new adventure series or RPG trilogy set before or after the current trilogy.

Best bit in that article is that all three in the current trilogy will be released this gen. Awesome. :)

EDIT: @Green - Now how can I argue with that. Too Human trilogy, Mass Effect trilogy, Gears trilogy, Fable trilogy and errrrr a Halo quadrilogy??? ... ;)

green5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

GEoW and Mass Effect are the most important 3rd party exclusives on the 360.So it's a given that Microsoft will do everything to ensure the continued exclusivity of those IP's till at least the end of the 360's life cycle.

@superfragilistic: If mass effect 2 is coming out end of 09, then that should put the final installment at 2011.Good to know that the 360 will still be supported till then with games like mass effect and the Too human trilogy.

morganfell5611d ago

Well I am afraid I can't agree with you as The Witcher on PC burns Mass Effect to the ground. The Witcher, with 5 different endings, twice the length of game. a serious upgrade system, much better graphics, motion captured fighting, currently 3 full free adventures in development, a full blown editor released to the public, the ultimate Witcher releasing free this fall to owners, no elevator simulations, no landscapes that look like a barren moon, and no cheap attempt to imitate the force, The Witcher easily smokes Mass Effect as best RPG.

La Chance5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )


Wow , I was almost expecting it to go multiplat after the whole EA thing.

Sega Saturn5611d ago

Unlike Guiness, morganfell is bitter!

green5611d ago

Metacritic says hello, and gives you a big disagree

Mass Effect 360, 91% based on 73 reviews.

The witcher PC, 81% based on 48 reviews.

And i am 100percent sure that the general public disagrees with you as well buy purchasing more copies of Mass Effect than the witcher.

5611d ago
mepsipax5611d ago

whoever played the pc version of mass effect has really found the best, as for the witcher, blah, boring and repetitive, while I loved it when I first started playing, all the dialogue was boring and uncaptivating unlike mass effect, and the combat system was retardadly easy, there are some cool moments in the game no doubt, but still mass effect is a better game IMO, the witcher is more generic medievel/ancient crap with "magic" ooo, I'm sorry but mass effect is a sci-fi rpg and we don't have many of those around.
Anyway Mass Effect had lots of depth, I don't know what it was, I think it was the great combat system, one second you're interogating an alien, the next you're getting shot at, I don't know hard to explain but I still think mass effect is the better game.

morganfell5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

Yes and metacritic is always right about everything and I mean everything, right? Bitter? No, I own Mass Effect on the 360 why should I care other than the fact that it isn't what it was cracked up to be. Look it's a shooter, not it's an RPG! Guess what? It's neither, Jack of all trades and master of none.

I was amazed how Mass Effect received all of those scores that compose metacritic. Things like a 10 in graphics when it has bland low res textures, over half the planets are barren nothing and you can only explore one small area. Worse aliasing ever in a game. The jaggies were poking out my eyes. Ahhh! My eyes! The game got a pass in many areas. It had a horrendous frame rate even becoming a slide show in some areas yet the game was given a pass by the same websites that attack other games for the very same issues.

Graphics weren't the only issue. I had to use a female character because the male Shepard's voice over was atrocious. "We'll stop him sir!" Judas Priest it sounds like Elmer Milktoast.

One website did a review and actually bothered to speak the truth as they talked about the fact Mass Effect isn't so much a RPG as it is an elevator simulator. I am in a starship and a trip up one deck in a freight elevator takes forever.

Was anything wrong with the game? Not according to that pinhead Casey Hudson. I call him a pinhead because the inability to admit where a game can be improved leads to the inability to improve a game. Maybe they will come up with more great ideas like their moronic way to institute DLC. That was some forward thinking design.

And gun, thanks for speaking the facts.

CrazzyMan5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

Of`course, if this game would be released on PS3, more GAMERS would be able to play it...

BUT, i`m 100% confident, that EVERY mid range PC(400$) by the end of 2009 will be able to run games like Mass effect 1/2, Gears 1/2, and EVEN Crysis at 1080p with HIGHEST settings.

Of`course, x360 probably by that time will cost 250-300$, BUT, on PC you wil get:
a) chepear games(they cost 50$ usually), so 10 games = -100$.
b) FREE online, that`s another 50$ per year, or -150$ for next 3 years.
c) PC exclusives, which are must play(like startcraft 2, diablo 3, witcher, crysis, compnay of heroes, Total War series and etc.). Though S2 or D3 have chances to come to consoles, but you never know, they might not.
d) in the end, it`s cheaper, 500-550$ vs 400$.

Overall, having PC and PS3, you will be able to play:
1) PS3 exclusives
2) PC exclusives
3) ps3/x360 multiplatform games
4) x360/pc multiplatform games at 1080p with better textures and etc.

What is better value for money, you decide. I already made my decision. =)

green5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

First of all words like xbot are not allowed in the gamer zone.Leave your fanboyisim at the door, but if you can't then post in the Open Zone with your mate DarkSniper and co.

Secondly,you know who the mods are on N4G, so why don't you send them a PM telling then that i have multiple accounts as you claim.I am sure they will be happy to help you not.

So from your argument about the high scores that Mass Effect got, that means that MGS4 did not deserve all the perfect 10's since it was reviewed at a time of immense hype.

You come here trying to prove a point but end up looking like a complete idiot that is completely enraged and bitter that the Mass Effect trilogy will never see the light of day on a Sony console.

Let me give you a little advise.The best way of not getting bitter and psychotic toward gamers and other games not coming to your console of choice is to never or hardly ever read news about the other console.If you did that then news like this will never bother you.

5611d ago
kevnb5611d ago

its mostly sony fans who get upset over something going multiplat, im not sure why they are so in love with their console. Its so bad, although Im a ps3 user I come off as a 360 fanboy half of the time.

green5611d ago

LOL.I am an adult but if i were a kid and i ever saw you stupid display of fanboyisim, then i would pray day and night that i never grow up.

mepsipax5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

check out my avi, Bioshock sucks, and I don't care for it, biggest disappointment for me in recent memory, anyway console exclusivity is stupid IMO, the only reasons theres exclusives is not for the people who own the system but to get new people to buy it to play that one game, the only time exclusives are okay is in this example, where they don't think they could achieve the same level of quality as they could with the 360/PC version on the PS3, it's not that the PS3 couldn't take it its just that the PS3 is a very diffrent beast then the 360 and Bioware would have to devote a large team for the port.
edit: oh and also, Crysis can't display at 1080p, thats something HDTV's have 1080 horizontal lines in progressive scan, computer games have always been in High "Resolution" not High "Definition" computer games base it on displays, my PC can run Crysis at 1280 by 1024? I think, thats the max, and it looks fraggin brilliant.

green5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

"Also green you are a know xbot with multiple account taking into the consideration of all your bubbles."

Did you just say that you never called me an xbot?

Oh great no bubbles to reply.I know whats next, endless PM's calling me out as an xbot.

Mausenheimmer5611d ago

Don't bother arguing with Morganfell. He combines an, at best, loose understanding of the 360 and claims to own one to disguise his typical fanboyism. If it's for the 360, Morganfell will instantly claim its worse despite overwhelming facts to the contrary.

And Morgan, I'm sorry you weren't any good at Mass Effect. You should still be able to recognize why other people enjoyed it. If not, I guess you aren't that in touch with the rest of the gaming community.

Also, I can't wait to see what they do with Mass Effect 2 next year.

morganfell5611d ago

Any good? No I had no trouble going through it despite the world's most idiotic vehicle ever. The gut scrambler would have killed any human being. No you are quite wrong. I had no issue with playing the game and being good at it. Mass Effect had the issue with not being able to be a good game.

Just because a large number of people make the claim doesn't make it true. The 3rd Reich was full of people that said the policies of Der Fuhrer were the best thing ever and look how wrong they turned out to be so you can set aside that line of reasoning right now.

tordavis5611d ago

Bubbles for Paul and Superfrag for always having a true gamer perspective and keeping it real here at N4G.

deeznuts5611d ago

This statement is wrong before it even began. Mass Effect is on the PC. Not exclusive.

zethos565611d ago

Console exclusive, Microsoft exclusive, whater you want to call it. It's considered exlcusive if it's only on one console.

dan-boy5611d ago

it's a shame that other people are not going to be able to enjoy it aswell. i'm looking forward to mass effect 2 for sure.

morganfell: man you are one bitter fanboy. i know you try aand come across as all knowing, but after reading comment after hate filled comment from you--------> the open zone is where you should dwell me thinks....there's plenty of people who can relate to you in there.

especially after reading you say the other day that sony getting bioshock was a bigger scoop than ff13 going multi-platform. sad and twisted you are. lose a bubble also!

Jinxstar5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

I played it. I found it dull and laggy with a cliched story and weak characters I didn't feel attached to... I know I am one of very few who feel the game was lame but there were so many planets you either A. Couldn't go to or B. Were damn near desolate. I had incredible lag when there were more the 4 or 5 enemies on screen at any given time. No checkpoint's at all so if you die you get dropped back 5 or 6 hours of game (Happened to me 2 times) Also I feel there is way too much Sci Fi crep on the 360 anyway... I really didn't enjoy it at all and for the "Next big thing" coming to the 360 after Halo3, which I played/ beat/ went online to kill noobs and returned within a week, I felt let down greatly... and don't care for anything from bioware anymore... Game on if you like it but for me it really is "Meh" gaming.