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jackanderson19852254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Risky saying Fallout 4, could be called Fallout Boston or something...... but oh my god i cannot wait...3pm GMT reveal aswell (or UTC maybe, i can't even count with the excitement)... that works fantastically well for me

-Foxtrot2254d ago

It will be called Fallout 4, don't worry

No point giving it a subtitle now

jackanderson19852254d ago

ah it is definitely gonna be 4 twas just joking around... think the crowd on GAF found Fallout4 in the googletagging stuff

SolidStoner2254d ago

YEAH! I was waiting for fallout 4 for so long.... :) cant wait for E3!!!!

Mankey2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I just hope Ron Perlman is back


Yeah that wouldn't have bother calling Fallout 3 F3 if they were doing subtitles, or they would have stoped with the Elder Scrolls I - V.

Hellsvacancy2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

"Please Stand By"

I've been on stand by since Fallout Vegas!!!

I really hope this timed exclusive rumour is just a rumour, timed dlc I don't care about too much but the full game, I want it the same time as everyone else

BlackTar1872254d ago

There is a timed exclusive rumor for every game now. So just wait and see but according to the internet every 3rd party game that has a possible revel is going to be time exclusive to xbox.

Mankey2254d ago

almost 5 years since a Fallout game has been released.

ThunderPulse2254d ago

Anything other than Fallout: Online will make me happy.

Clydefrog892254d ago

Brink HD remaster!! Or a Ps4 and xbox one caravan card game!

comebackkid98912254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I'm from Boston, always wanted to see it in ruins (:

showtimefolks2253d ago

can't wait and also i would love to see fallout 3 and new vegas on ps4/xbox one along with skyrimn

Helios862253d ago

coutdown finished, nothing happens, website crashes. Bodes well for the future. Not even the reveal was stable.

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Sgt_Slaughter2254d ago

Inb4 Fallout 3: Definitive Edition

spacedelete2254d ago

this would be the biggest trolling ever.

Hellsvacancy2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I'd buy it day 1, it looked like crap on the PS3, still played it and LOVED every minute of it though

ravencry2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

But Bethesda doesn't remaster games. There is already remastered fallout 3 on PC with Mods.

Maybe Hinting on Next Fallout

_-EDMIX-_2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago ) don't actually know that. as this was a rumor last month.

and I would see why not, its not the main team, they could just outsource it as most ports are outsourced. It wouldn't hurt them to actually do that as its not the main team, little time to actually make and is just pure profit.

Fallout 3 on PC isn't "remastered"....its just the PC version. If anything if the PC version got any enhancement by them post launch they would still call it Definitive, remastered, enhanced etc. regardless of if someone modded it or not. Consider someone could have modded Baldur's Gate 1 and 2....doesn't stop a actual enhanced edition from existing. Someone modding, isn't the same has a publisher making an enhanced version.

Have you not considered that they are making it to make more money, NOT because of some logical reason of it needing to be "remastered" or "enhanced"? lol that isn't the reason behind its is.

We know Fallout 4 is coming, but Fallout 3 remastered on PS4 and XONE very much could happen too as it won't likely even be the same team porting it, will take only a few months at that and has nothing to actually do with Fallout 4's development. From a business stand point, I feel they would be stupid to not port it. The profits would be enormous for them. Fallout 3, NW and Skyrim getting ports would help them financially greatly.

They merely haven't announced any ports yet. I've yet to hear anyone from them state they don't do "remasters"

remixx1162254d ago

I'm boutta have a schizm

NukaCola2254d ago

Right now nothing else matters this year for me. If Fallout 4 drops this holiday, then I am really happy so many games are bumped into 2016.

WillGuitarGuy2254d ago

I wonder what folks would think if they came out an announced a Fallout Remastered collection.

kaizokuspy2254d ago

I would shit my pants and still buy it. Same great old fallouts, remastered, the share play fun and shenanigans. Omg if they did that for a 2015 holiday release and then hit us with a spring fallout 4 release there goes my 2016 gaming sessions.

TimeSkipLuffy2254d ago

I would gladly play a Fallout 3 Remastered version with far less bugs and crashes :D

guyman2254d ago

I've already played fallout 3 and new vegas remastered, you know with mods and all

kaizokuspy2253d ago

That's what sucks with pc gamers. I would love to play remasters each generation. Keeps the experience new and awesome, but that's what pc gamers get already for years, the best everything in terms of ultra settings. So it works for some and makes no sense for the high end pc gamers to get remasters

Anthotis2254d ago


Please don't be a dumbed down bugfest like Skyrim.

Nwah2254d ago

A bugfest is a given considering it's made by Bethesda, but we can at least hope that it won't be dumbed down to hell.

-Foxtrot2254d ago

Long as it's not like New Vegas where you can only gain a skill every TWO levels I'll be happy.

Oh that and a shit load of unique weapons to hunt thing Elder Scrolls never really do in those games

Love collecting stuff

Hellsvacancy2254d ago

"Love collecting stuff"

Me to, god knows how many broken rakes i've collected in Witcher 3