What if Microsoft really are bringing Halo 5 to PC?

Microsoft really want to do justice to the PC gaming crowd but will that mean that beloved Xbox franchises like Halo 5 will make their way to the platform?

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nX1233d ago

Didn't they announce.a few months ago to bring more first party games to Windows? Halo started there after all.

HaveSumNuts1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

If that happens then what's the point of getting an XB1 if most of their so called exclusives come to PC anyways.

Dead Rising 3
Project Spark
Rise of the Tomb Raider

Phil Spencer stated that PC will get more Xbox support than ever before. I can see where this is going, Microsoft exclusives parading around like true Xbox One exclusives until the PC port is released a few months later.

TedCruzsTaint1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )


Cornering a larger gaming market, as a whole, rather than just the console market itself?

It would help push their operating systems, if nothing else.

Also, as for the last part of your statement:

How is that a bad thing for them? They are cornering the PC gaming market, all the while still supporting the larger console gaming market.
The PC and console gaming market are not inclusive of each other.
They are two entirely different entities, with different install bases.
Console exclusives, for all intent and purpose, are simply exclusives. As far as the average console gamer is concerned.

They only benefit from this sort of situation. The issue is you simply don't see it as such.

helterskelter1233d ago

Oh how I would love to see Halo 5 at 1440p 60fps on my PC!
In my opinion it would be a great move by MS to focus on PC using their xbone Vision with the power of PC's!

BiggerBoss1233d ago

Microsoft would be stupid to bring Halo 5 to PC. Halo is THE reason to get an Xbox. I just dont see it happening

Saranya1233d ago


Have you seen Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey on PC?

T9001233d ago

It doesnt matter if they bring Halo or not. PC is a juggernaut when it comes to games. Due to the PCs inherent advantage of BC, over the decades such a collection of games has been built on to that platform it doesnt really matter if a halo game comes or not.

Just so many shooters on the PC already along with every genre you can think of, its mind blowing the amount of games PC gamers have access to.

mikeslemonade1233d ago

Don't care. Halo is over the hill. It's beyond me why people are even excited. It's like as lame as people getting excited for the new Assasins Creed.

_-EDMIX-_1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Yes...but Halo also started as a RTS and NOT under MS. That is actually a irrelevant point.

MS won't bring Halo to PC for the clear and obvious reason as they need to sell XONEs. They have no rival on PC, one doesn't just say "wonder what OS I'm going to use?"

They would lose XONE sales over a course of years drastically. Its way the last 4 Halo games are not on PC. It just doesn't make sense, hell its one of the reasons Sony got rid of SOE (one of em as the team cost way too much money and produced very little but thats another story).

The reality is, it just doesn't make sense in the larger scheme of things. They stated they would support PC more...yes. Never heard JACK about them bringing KEY XONE titles to PC.

@HaveSum- Ryse, Dead Rising 3, D4,Titanfall, Rise Of The Tomb Raider all don't belong to MS bud. Look on PC, none where actually published by MS on PC and MS owns neither title's IPs.

Sooooo you heard him say they would "support" PC "more" don't you think they meant Project Spark as that would support the idea of "they" as those other titles are not owned by them and where not even published on PC by them.....

MCC isn't on PC....Forza 5 isn't on PC...I mean...if MS was ever going to do such a thing, I would assume they would have already started with those games.

I again feel its a bad idea and pretty much over all hurts them more then helps them. I can easily confirm that if they do this move, I will NEVER buy an XONE, hell I can confirm I'll never buy any XB system as I game on PC and PS most gens. If they come a year you think PC gamers will care? Its not $400 for a new XB to play their exclusives...thus I would never have a reason to buy an XONE or any XB to come out in the future.

The PC, PS and Nintendo combo would make more sense for gamers.

@Slaphappy- That whole comment is full of slow. "They are two entirely different entities, with different install bases" they are not. That is like saying..."bro PS and XB are two entirely different entities with different install bases"

No....just dear god no. As a PC gamer AND console gamer.....I play games. Thats it....I'm no different then you or any other gamer. I want games, will by said system for games. To NOT release games exclusively on XB means 1 less system for me to buy. I'm sorry but PC is a damn platform like PS4, XB1, Wii U etc. I'm not sure where you got that PC gamers were some different species.

I agree with many on here regarding that just not happening and making so little sense business wise. They might as well also confirm their not releasing a console next gen either while there at it. They will literally hand Sony the rest of console gaming on a silver patter.

Septic1233d ago


"Don't care. Halo is over the hill. It's beyond me why people are even excited. It's like as lame as people getting excited for the new Assasins Creed"

Ha. Equating Halo to Assassins Creed? Halo still represents one of the best if not THE best exclusive console FPS. So many pretenders have tried and failed and continue to fail to reach its levels.

As a result of that exclusivity, Halo also has a legion of haters (as seen my those frantically agreeing with your comment) who would most likely be delighted if the shooter came to PC, who once, like you declared its insignificance, but would doubtlessly claim that they could get the shooter on PC without the need for the X1.

Halo may not be the force it once was, but it still is a giant in the arena.

Klamba921233d ago

I think it would be great if they did that focusing on more unification between the two and cross play between them. Sure if it did happen it may lead to less X1s being sold.

However those who have a console and buy consoles mainly do it for the convenience of buying it to play games for the next 5-7 years without upgrading, as well as exclusives.

I don't think it will change those people's mind to go fully in to dedicated PC gaming due to costs and slightly more complicated nature of things. Sure it will convert a portion and all PC users will benefit as well with this. To me it feels like a win win situation and I own an X1. I don't care for games being exclusive to a platform.

My dream set up would be playing Nintendo Sony and MS games on one platform but unfortunately that will never happen due to way consoles work. But with MS having consoles and the PC side it could be a step in that direction!

freshslicepizza1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

if the key reason they don't bring exclusive games to the pc because it means they won't be able to sell the hardware what does that say about the hardware in the first place? this applies to any console.

a game console should be able to compete on its own without the use of exclusive software to leverage consumers. we use this philosophy with tv's, dvd/bluray players and cd players.

dancerOfDeath1233d ago

Halo "started" on windows? lol. Is that how we're going to frame the past to fit our argument, now? Interesting approach.

I dont see Halo 5 coming to PC. I think MCC is more likely. Maybe Halo 5 at some point down the road, I dont know.

Also @havesomenuts, that's such a ridiculous argument. Consoles aren't PCs. I know very few people who game on PC, and tons of people who game on console. This assumption that everyone will run out to play game on PC rather than Xbox is laughable, and I'm pretty sure you know that.

Keep spinning that yarn though, boys, it's almost entertaining.

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lelo2play1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

"What if Microsoft really are bringing Halo 5 to PC?"

It that happened, Halo 5 would sell more copies, but Microsoft wouldn't sell as many consoles. Simply put, if Microsoft brings X1's exclusives to the PC, then why purchase a X1? For multiplat games?

Here is a question... What would be more profitable? Selling more copies of games (by launching them on the PC) or selling more consoles?

MasterCornholio1233d ago

Maybe Microsoft believes that combining Xbox with the PC market would be more profitable to them?

I mean it does make sense because most PC gamers game on windows and not Macs or Linux computers. But I don't know how they will deal with steam though.

lelo2play1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

"Maybe Microsoft believes that combining Xbox with the PC market would be more profitable to them?"

Then they need something like Steam/Origin/Uplay/GOG. Launching their games on those services takes quite a chunk out of their profits.
If Microsoft launches all X1 exclusives on the PC, I suspect they will have a service to rival Steam/Origin/Uplay/GOG in the near future. Hope they learn their lesson with GFWL...

EA abandoned Steam and launched Origin. Apparently it's working for them.

mixelon1233d ago

"Then they need something like Steam/Origin/Uplay/GOG. Launching their games on those services takes quite a chunk out of their profits. "
That'd just be the Windows 8/10 Appstore, and a game like Halo 5 could pretty much legitimise the platform for "proper" games overnight.

Apple have done a decent job with their OS X Appstore too, though neither storefront is as good as Steam/Origin/Etc for games, its pre-installed on every computer.. So the audience is huge.

I still find it weird you can buy Cod, Civ, Tomb Raider Reboot etc in Apple;s OS X App store. XD

Volkama1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

@Leloplay that last question about what would be more profitable is the key really, but I doubt anyone here knows the answer. Well... Lots of people will "know the answer", but none of them will have actually have the numbers to analyse.

As for the store and platform, I assume they'd just use the Windows universal store that is native to Windows 10, and the Xbox app that is also native.

700p1233d ago

Why are you acting as if everyone plays videogames on their pc? Most people don't play videogames on their pc.

kraenk121233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

There is is hardly any sense in buying an XBox if you own a PC anyway. MS Might as well go full in! I feel they would benefit from it.

@700 here in Europe/Germany lots of people game on PCs.

ZeroX98761233d ago

Cross-Buy X1-PC with streaming available to the X1 would be awesome.

Seafort1233d ago

@700p That is correct. We don't play video games we play PC games :)

MasterCornholio1233d ago


Well there was an article from Forbes where they talked about the size of PC gaming and depending on where you love it can eclipse console gaming.

TRS_Gear1232d ago

I think you guys are missing the big picture. If windows 10 communicates with the X1 as seamlessly as Microsoft claims, the point is to be able to have a PC in your living room, and to take your X1 with you anywhere you go.

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2cents1233d ago

I don't think it will either.
Halo is one of those 'system sellers' that people keep talking about.

I think that MS would want to push through as many X1's as possible over the holiday period with the chief leading the charge.

It would be a poor business decision for the Xbox to launch Halo 5 on PC at the same time.

Magicite1233d ago

now when porting games from x1 to win10 will be a childs play, I dont see why it wouldnt happen.

TheXgamerLive1233d ago

It'll happen after 1 yr or so.

super_bruno1232d ago

Yeah, i see it happening probably when H6 hits on X, MS will port H5 to PC.

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Volkama1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

I think some of the issues there are going to come up regardless. If MS are going to be letting people play Fable and other cross-platform games (even if it's a limited selection) then people are going to question why they have to subscribe for that same multiplayer service that PC gamers are getting free of charge.

TedCruzsTaint1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

The hardcore - those who possibly have a gaming PC itself - may question it.

The average gamer won't even realize; thus they won't care.
MS isn't stupid.


I like you. You tend to make a lot of educated points.
But my point being that the average gamer has no inkling of understanding of what is even going on in the industry. Thus no real potential uproar over something like this.

Not that I am necessarily for some people having to pay for an experience others get for free. It's just me stating how I see things such as this turning out.

Volkama1233d ago

But that relatively hardcore console group are capable of making quite a lot of noise. And frankly they should make that noise, because paying for server access that other get free is a bit off.

Though Fable being F2P, it might not actually be behind the paywall I suppose.

Studio-YaMi1233d ago

"MS isn't stupid."
Their XboxOne reveal says otherwise,including lots of their promises and policies.

At least as a PC gamer I can enjoy their games without buying their crappy console,a lot of the so-called "exclusives" on the XboxOne are still yet to be shown or just "meh" worthy,I said a lot,not ((ALL)).

slappy5081233d ago

They could always make PC players pay a small monthly sub to play Halo on their Games for Windows service. That would pretty much put them on an equal footing with the Xbox players. Of course alot of PC players wont like the idea, but there are games out there that you do pay monthly for, for instance I pay a sub to play Final Fantasy 14, so if people want to play it enough they probably would shell out a few extra bob to play Halo on their computers.

Seafort1233d ago

There is no Games for Windows service anymore.

If Microsoft tried to start charging PC gamers to play on their non-existant (to date) online games we'd tell them where to go like we did last time.

Windows 10 may be a good thing for Xbox gamers when they realise that one side of the gaming demographic isn't charged for multiplayer access and they are.

It will create a lot of "why?" questions from Xbox gamers that Microsoft will have to solve or just ignore.

the_dark_one1233d ago

More revenue for microsoft, and a ton loads of angry xbox one fans

Rimeskeem1233d ago

Yah actually though. If they had told us they might do this before spring break I would have never gotten my Xbox one.

LexHazard791233d ago

But they did or atleast they told us there is a possibility Xbox exclusives make there way to PC.

gfk3421232d ago

Didn't MS say that one of the best feature of DX12 is the ease of PORTING GAMES FROM X1 TO PC (not vice a versa)? They even showed Forza 5 playing on a PC.

Now I would ask you all Xbox gamers, why? Why being interested in porting from a console to PC. The answer is very simple to bring all X1 exclusives to PC.

TedCruzsTaint1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

You make the mistake of thinking that the average Xbox One (same with PS4 and Wii U) gamer even have a semblance of understanding of what's going on in the industry.

They really don't.

Those of us who frequent sites such as this are largely in the minority.
Those here never take that into consideration.

The average person around here honestly believes they know better than the marketing reps that MS would be able to hire. That idea in itself is ridiculous.

bmwfanatic1233d ago

So let me get this straight console gamers have zero understanding of the market, but pc gamers understand everything?

TedCruzsTaint1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )


PC gamers pay more for their systems outright. They have more of an investment into their hobby, and tend, in turn, to be those more in-tune with the industry as a whole.

PC gamers tend to be the hardcore of the hardcore, so they have knowledge of the industry that the average gamer doesn't.

The average gamer goes to any brick and mortar store, and grabs their console of choice. They make up the vast majority of the tens to hundreds of millions of sold consoles.

So . . .yes. To answer your question bluntly. That said, it wasn't meant as the negative comment you are trying to make it out to be. Do as you will though.

Studio-YaMi1233d ago

"PC gamers pay more for their systems outright. They have more of an investment into their hobby, and tend, in turn, to be those more in-tune with the industry as a whole."

Assuming that PC gamers in general are all on the same level of intellect or have beefy rigs when most of them don't?

I mean really now...

Death1233d ago

If cross play is happening, I don't see why Microsoft would ignore a very large install base. I game on both PC and Xbox One (along with WiiU and PS4). If the only thing keeping consoles and PC's from being on a level playing field is a mouse and keyboard, offer both on the Xbox One which will be supporting Windows 10 anyway. I don't see anyone dropping $1000 plus on a PC instead of paying $349 for an Xbox One so I wouldn't say they are in direct competition with each other.

Septic1233d ago

Well it would really take away a big incentive for owning a Xbox One console imo. Plus can you imagine the fanboy fuel lol?

MS need to find a way to bolster their PC outfit whilst retaining the Xbox One titles exclusive to that platform. No easy task that's for sure.

Volkama1233d ago

Xbox would still have some appeal. Most people don't associate PCs with TVs for a start, and there are a lot of people that choose consoles for their simplicity and/or price.

On the surface it seems like a really obvious move for MS to be honest. Sell games to 10million gamers or sell games to 40million gamers (numbers plucked from the grisly depths of my anus, but xbox+windows is going to be a bigger number than xbox alone).

The only really compelling reason to try for that smaller audience is that they do typically pay more money per head.

Death1233d ago

I disagree that Microsoft needs to keep games exclusive to the Xbox One. It's completely different markets. Console owners like the ease of use consoles offer. PC gamers aren't afraid of upgrades and staying on the cutting edge of tech.

If I could get the benefits of playing on a console on my PC while playing cross platform, I would probably play much more on my PC. Microsoft will still be selling games which is where the money is. If they sold less hardware on the console side and more software it would be a win-win for them.

Moldiver1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

"MS need to find a way to bolster their PC outfit whilst retaining the Xbox One titles exclusive to that platform. No easy task that's for sure."

^^ exactly what needs to happen and what I think will be the case. People are quick to point out DR3, titanfall and Ryse went to PC but conveniently forget that these games are not published by MS...yet they remember this fact when the old 'listwar routine' comes into play. Its hard to converse with people when they lack consistency in their own opinions...


Your only argument for why they should is that it would allow to play xbox games without getting an xbox. Im glad MS does not share your sentiment because there would not be an xbox right now. You bring this up at any given chance...Do you feel this strongly about playing PS games on your PC too? would that be 'good for gamers' too? The only people who benefit from such a move is PC gamers. MS loses sales in the hardware division they have invested heavily in for over ten years. Thus losing any chance they had at beating apple and google to being the dominant OS in the living room. MS needs to give Xbox as many advantages as possible in this area. They have a headstart on apple and google and they have the support of gamers. Something that apple and google dont have. They are in a perfect position to to be strong on PC as well as xbox AND get their OS in the living room succesfully. MS are not going to ruin that by canibalising Xbox for PC gamers. That would be a dumb move for sure. You dont give up your ideal end game for a bunch of hardcore PC gamers. fortunately MS is not that stupid. And can afford to do both.

Volkama1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

@Moldover You are some way off the mark. I have an Xbox already, sat right beside my PC. If MS bring all their games to PC then I essentially wasted a chunk of money, so I'd sit in the camp of people that should send Phil Spencer a frowny face. I am just looking at the topic and seeing both sides of the discussion, because it is quite interesting.

Selling games to a bigger audience would be logical. Using exclusives to promote the console would also be logical. They're both quite valid answers, given the information that we have available to us. With the right numbers and projections, we could identify the best option. We don't have those numbers, so I'm just looking at people that seem sure and engaging them in discussion.

As for "there would be no reason for Microsoft to have an Xbox", I disagree there. It is possible to make toast under a grill. Good toast. That doesn't mean there is no reason to sell toasters, as they provide a convenient way to make toast and that's appealing to some people.

On the more nebulous topic of whether exclusives are a good thing for a gamer? There are pros and cons I won't go into now, but yes I would definitely feel the same about PS4 and Xbox exclusives.

Edit: Oh shi... Hope the XBox fans don't think I'm saying the console is a toaster :|

Death1232d ago

The console and PC market are separated by cost more than anything. If Microsoft shared their exclusives between the two I don't think we would see much of an impact on hardware sales. Even if Microsoft lost console sales, I'm not sure that is a bad thing if they are also picking up millions of PC gamers. Hardware is typically sold at a loss with software sales making these loses up. If hardware loses were minimized and software sales increased, how would that hurt the company? I don't see casual and console gamers jumping into PC gaming which is much more expensive than console gaming simply because the exclusives are also on PC.

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Moldiver1233d ago

"As for "there would be no reason for Microsoft to have an Xbox", I disagree there. It is possible to make toast under a grill. Good toast. That doesn't mean there is no reason to sell toasters, as they provide a convenient way to make toast and that's appealing to some people."

I get what your saying but when the other toaster has its own toast that cant be had only that other gives the other toaster the advantage as a "toaster"....gaming machine. That STILL costs MS potential customers. xbox games should remain as xbox games. fable has always had a PC release, so no point in changing that. I think we will see W10-Xbox exlusives that are not based on current stuff. Even though gigantic isnt an MS game, I can see that sort of thing happening more, from within MS themselves, pushing Xbox-PC crossplay via W10. And I look forward to that. MS exclusives that exploit cross play, co op or competitively. Though controller-only rules must be enforced. Hence why halo would be a bad fit anyway for cross play..aside from the fact that it would damage xbox sales. No doubt about that. if Xbox had no exclusives there would be no reason to buy one. there is no way around that. and that puts MS in a situation where they lose there shot at windows in the living room. why would you give up your end game result just to sell a few extra copies of halo on PC? makes no sense at all.

JasonKCK1233d ago

Halo and Halo 2 were on PC, and with MS pushing cross play with Win10 it just might. May even see MCC come to PC. I don't think they will make it to Steam, MAC, or Linux. Ether way it's still a sale for MS.