Super Mario Galaxy 3 Release Date: Re-Release Of Galaxy Teases E3 2015 Reveal

IDT : ''Ever since Zelda Wii U was delayed, Nintendo has needed to announce a big, big game to fill its shoes and come out this holiday season. I’ve long suspected that game will be Super Mario Galaxy 3, or at least a new 3D Mario game loosely in that vein.''

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jackanderson19851287d ago ShowReplies(1)
WillGuitarGuy1287d ago

I'd much prefer a Super Mario Sunshine 2 reveal, but Galaxy 3 would be cool too.

captainexplosion1287d ago

Sunshine was the worst Mario game ever. I would be pissed if the next Mario game was Sunshine 2 or another entry in the boring New series. I would personally like 3D Land 2, 3D World 2, or Mario 64 2.

iSuperSaiyanGod1287d ago

Everybody deserves a opinion , but you sir don't if you think sunshine was the worst lol

higgins781287d ago

Agreed. I'm as big a Nintendo fan as is possible, but even I'm no 'fan boy', I can acknowledge Sunshine was (while still good) easily the worst 3D Mario to date. Also, what is it with people adding a number on the end of a much loved game which makes them feel better about the idea of a 'new' title. Galaxy was an absolute masterpiece, Galaxy 2 perhaps more so, but (for me) SM3DW was the right direction to take after such stellar titles, forging its own path. Another Mario is a certainty, but it does NOT need to be a out and out sequel.

Concertoine1286d ago

i feel like the platforming was a lot more under utilized compared to the Galaxy games, so they could build more upon Sunshine. Sunshine would look amazing in hd too

iplay1up21287d ago

Not going to happen. Nintendo said no more 3D Mario's this gen. That was just a couple months ago. I would love it, don't get me wrong.

When I read that, I thought what about an HD remake?

captainexplosion1287d ago

Huh? I don't remember that. If that is true I should just sell my WiiU and 3DS. I thought Nintendo said there wouldn't be a real Mario game this year, not this gen.

pivotplease1287d ago

No they said there would be no main Mario entry in 2015. Whether its Galaxy 3, Sunshine 2, or 3D World 2, its on the way. We just won't see it this year.

themonado1287d ago

Eh, I reread the article with Miyamoto talking about Mario and the next generation, and nowhere did he say that there wouldn't be any more 3D Mario games for the rest of this generation.

Shnazzyone1285d ago

No, they said no major mario releases this year. That just means this year. Which likely means a big drop in 2016.

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KryptoniteTail1287d ago

Super Marii Sunshine 2 or HD, please.

REDDURT1287d ago

Sad gen when we are asking for old games

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