5 Best Xbox One Exclusives (So Far)

MenStuff: "The Xbox One has produced some exciting games since its entry into the highly-competitive marketplace, so we decided to take a closer-look at the five best games Microsoft’s eighth-generation console has to offer."

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emilijo7771236d ago

titanfall...on pc
dead rising 3...on pc
MCC collection of old games
Forza 5 - the worst Forza game ever
sunset overdrive - could come on pc

*runs to shop to buy xbox one

NeoGamer2321236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

You obviously don't own an XB. And all you want to do is discount quality games. There is nothing wrong with any of those five games being called exclusives. You can't play them on a PS or Wii so they are not available on any other console. The PC is not a console, neither are phones, nor tablets.

Sony fans like to say PC doesn't count as exclusive games but as soon as you want to compare a 4K PC game to the PS4 all of a sudden Sony fans say the comparison isn't fair. So, what is it? Is PCs included with console gaming or not? I don't know many people that hook up their PC to a TV to play games. Most play on a monitor in a den or another room. Sony fans can't have it both ways.

I am sure most PS4 fans would put TLOU on their list of top 5 this gen so far. So, putting Halo MCC is not a bad thing (Personally I agree with you, TLOU nor Halo MCC is new content this generation so they should not be included although as top exclusives for this generation). The sad thing about including Halo MCC and TLOU is that it is a statement about how sad this generation has been so far on all sides of the fence. The quality, new innovative titles just haven't been there yet.

As for FM5 you have obviously never really played it. So, your opinion is more about what you have read then what you know. Because the only thing you can fault FM5 for is the crowd figures. Everything else in the game is amazing. And Drivatars make racing games interesting rather than endless grinds!

Personally, my top 5 are:

1) Forza Horizon 2
2) Sunset Overdrive
3) Killer Instinct
4) D4
5) Forza Motorsports 5

hells_supernova1235d ago

I think his point is those are both not exclusive.

For me SUnset was fun and Forza Horizon was awesome.

I am holding out for Quatum Break

dancerOfDeath1235d ago

Well... that sure was a salty way to start the thread.

For me, as far as exclusives, I'd probably go:

1. MCC
2. Motorsport 5
3. Titanfall
4. Sunset Overdrive
5. Horizons 2

Yeah, I like shooting and driving... lol. All those are pretty interchangeable, great start for the console imo. Dying to see Motorsport 6 this month.

Svinya1235d ago

You just spent all that energy and all those words replying to a troll..

Automatic791235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Top 5 for me are

1 DeadRising 3
2.Halo MCC
4.Sunset Overdrive
5.Ori and the Blind forest

Notable mentions RYSE, Forsa Motorsport 5, D4, State of Decay, Halo Spartan Assault, Killer Instinct and Forza Horizon.

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_-EDMIX-_1235d ago

Agreed. What do they mean by "exclusive"? Titanfall, Dead Rising 3 are not exclusive.

I would say thus far from what I've read, MCC is the best exclusive and even that is a collection of ports as one can clearly play those games else where if they really, really needed to. (clearly not in a sexy new engine though)

But that is stretching it quite a bit. I own a gaming PC...those are NOT exclusive, I can play many of those games RIGHT NOW if I wanted to. They are not bad games on XONE clearly as they are not bad games on PC...but to use the term "exclusive" is very much incorrect.

I also hate the whole "what if you don't game on PC" well...what if you only own 1 system EVER.

Would that not justify some silly logic of "exclusive" if you don't own another system?

@NeoGamer- "Sony fans like to say PC doesn't count" why assume this is a "Sony fan" thing? Consider I own a gaming PC and agree with what Emilijo is saying.

Exclusive is ONLY on said platform....thats it.

"I am sure most PS4 fans would put TLOU on their list of top 5" Yes I'm sure of that too, as many XONE owners would put MCC in "their" top 5, but that is a personal choice to due so. Emilijo is stating sarcastically that he would "*runs to shop to buy xbox one" ie its not enough for him to actually buy an XONE for. Sooo that is from a gamer who doesn't own one, not from someone who currently owns one.

You can own XONE and not buy the MCC, you can own a PS4 and not buy TLOU. To buy them and to like them would be merely a choice to add it in a personal top 5, but NOT in a TOP 5 EXCLUSIVE as they are NOT exclusive, they have other versions, it could be top 5 games they've played thus far this gen, doesn't really mean much.

If I owned a PS4 or XONE and played Sleeping Dogs for the first time on one of them, could I not list that as one of my "top 5" favorite games that gen that I played? Soooo would we agree that stating its "next gen exclusive" doesn't really make sense?

If so, why would Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, MCC etc make any more sense? (MCC to a lessor degree as its in a new engine)

I own a PS4 and PC and can very much say.....exclusive means ONLY on said platform. That list very much doesn't have many exclusives on it.

danny8181235d ago

lol you've got to be kidding me right?

Revolt131235d ago

I think my favorite would have to be.....

Ori and the Blind Forest ;)

cfc831235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Sunset overdrive
Forz hzn 2 or mcc

WizzroSupreme1235d ago

Sunset Overdrive and The Master Chief Collection are both a blast in every possible way now that Halo 2's servers are (mostly) fixed.

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