1TB PS4 and Xbox One models are appallingly overdue

Dealspwn: Hands up. Whose PS4 or Xbox One is completely full already? Quite a few of you we imagine, especially seeing as most games seem to move in with about 40GB of space on your hard-drive.

Today we've heard leaks about a new 1TB hard-drive PS4 model and the rumours of an Xbox One slim with a bigger drive have been doing the rounds too. Of course, PS4 owners can buy their own 1TB drive and install it and there was briefly a 1TB XO (the COD model), but why the hell is it taking Sony and Microsoft so long to wake up to the fact the 500GB drive is a joke?

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Blues Cowboy1328d ago

Too right. Full disc installs make 500GB a joke.

Oh, and before anyone says, "but you can just pay more for external HDD/upgrade," remember that we're the customers here and it's our hard-earned cash.

BecauseImBatman1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I think 1TB should have been in both from Day One myself, in this day and age of gaming when games are anywhere between 25-50GB in size, 500GB Drives are just not gonna cut it. Plus take into account how much overhead your OS takes up and you sitting there with about 400GB of space...

Luckily when I got my PS4, I bought a 2.5TB drive to replace the internal drive but even that is now over half full :P

helterskelter1328d ago

Its only a problem if u cannot change the Internal Hardrive!

Septic1328d ago

This is why external HDD support for the X1 is a godsend. A simple plug in and play solution.

shloobmm31328d ago

I slapped a 4tb hard drive on my x1 and am sittin at about 33% full.

1328d ago
ShaunCameron1328d ago

Were you willing to pay more for the One and PS4 upfront had a 1TB hard-drive came with them?

freshslicepizza1328d ago

you can buy a 5 terabyte external for about $150 now

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spacedelete1328d ago

i don't understand why anyone needs more than 500GB anyways. once you finish a game you delete the game data. how many people actually replay games anyway ? yeah there might be a few worth replaying but most games are finish one and done game. unless i buy another PS4 with a bigger HDD i'm sticking with my 500GB PS4 for a whole gen.

Blues Cowboy1328d ago

In the old days I'd agree. Now games are continually prolonged and designed for massive replay value, even if it's to dip into.

chippychan1328d ago

I would also agree if things were like they were in the past.

I don't have a problem deleting a game install if I have it on disc and can just re-install it when I'm ready, but the problem with today's games is that a lot of the data can come from patches and updates.

I have a data-cap on my monthly internet service and re-downloading a 10-gig 'patch' to play a game again is massive.

uth111328d ago

That works great if you have really fast internet and redownloading these games or huge patches is no big deal.

But when it takes hours, like for me, I want to keep the games on my HD until I'm sure I'm done with them.

ChronoJoe1328d ago

I don't finish individual titles, I have an abundance of titles that I go back to, especially for multiplayer.

Games like GTAV, Destiny, LittleBigPlanet 3, DriveClub, Guilty Gear, The Last of Us Remastered, are not simply 'single playthrough' games. They all have extensive replayability through multiplayer components that I should be able to go back to, easily, any time I choose.

Deleting the enritity of the game data then reinstalling is a pain, especially because it also deletes the games patches and downloadable expansions. Setting up something like Killzone Shadowfall after deleting its game data takes me within the realms of 5 hours. I shouldn't have to delete it.

iistuii1328d ago

Well i agree with you. I buy the odd game like Fifa 15 or Forza Horison 2 which id play online all year, but take games like TLOU or Wolfenstein, id finish them & sell them on leaving space for the next game. No way will i pay ridiculous digital prices, so the HD is very sufficient for me.

mhunterjr1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

IMO That's pretty stupid... If I think I'll be done with a game after a single play through, if just rent it... It's really a waste of time to purchase a game you don't intend on keeping for a while.

I buy games that have replay value in the single player or long lasting MP

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GribbleGrunger1328d ago

Can't we just be joyous about consoles with bigger hard drives and not put a negative spin on it? This industry is hard to enjoy.

traumadisaster1328d ago

Can't the kids working in sweat shops be joyous they have a job, and not put a negative spin on it. That industry is so hard to enjoy.

There is nothing wrong with wanting better in ALL things...

GribbleGrunger1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

That's your reply? < This is all I could muster. What next, bring up the Nazi's?

MSBAUSTX1328d ago

The added cost that they will attach to a 1TB HD would be enough to cover the purchase of a 1 if not 2 TB external HD. Meaning that you could essentially have 1.5 to 2.5 TB of storage space for the price of what they will charge for a 1TB system. It is better to just buy an external than to have 1TB of internal.

Trust me, over the next 4 years of these systems you will fill up a 1TB HD. So once you have filled that up are you going to demand they release a 2TB system as well? The 1 TB systems will easily cost a minimum of $50 more than the existing 500 GB systems. You can buy a 1 TB HD on Amazon for $55 and have 1.5 TB of space for the price of 1 TB in the new systems.

They didn't include the 1TB HD initially to keep costs down and paying for it now isn't cost effective considering what I have already said.

silvacrest1328d ago

just buy a 1TB drive and install it in your PS4 your self, why wait for sony or MS to give you the option

uth111328d ago

it's cheaper if it comes with one, you don't have the buy the console then a new drive

dancerOfDeath1328d ago

500gb wasn't even remotely enough. 1TB would be nowhere near enough, either. Inevitably, an external was essential for me. 1TB consoles are inevitable too, but doesn't really fix the problem IMO. Though for casual users it will work.

Chanogram1328d ago

Many people won't fill up their 500gb that quickly. Why put something more expensive in and possibly have to raise the price? If you are willing to pay more for a larger internal hard drive, then what is wrong with paying more for your own hand-picked external/internal drive (depending on console)?

I'm actually fine with the options available on both consoles. I got to pick a very nice 7200 rpm drive for my X1, which actually improved load times on games significantly. If i run out of room on my PS4, i'll look into upgrading the internal HD there as well.

Magicite1328d ago

Ive PC with 1TB HDD and tons of games and tis enough, but 500GB obviously wouldn't be sufficient.

Bathyj1328d ago

You have a PC with a 1TB harddrive?

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bggriffiths1328d ago

Every time I get a new game now, I've got to chop something. Sure there are ones I don't play that much anymore. But it's handy to leave ones like MKX on there for when mates come round, but I'll rarely play it on my own. But I don't want them to pop over and sit through a 40GB redownload.

Blues Cowboy1328d ago

Such a pain. Same here, have to choose which game to sacrifice every time I get something new. Thank goodness for cloud saves!

Chanogram1328d ago

If you are buying that many games, i would assume you have the money to spend on this hobby. With that said, spend a little money to upgrade the internal HD on your PS4, or buy a nice external for your X1.

Or, sit here and complain about something that you can fix yourself. That works too I guess.

SeanScythe1328d ago

I've had this since day 1.

TheNemesis5011328d ago

upgrade your harddrive, and sell you stock one on ebay

weirdo1328d ago

i installed an internal 2tb on the day i got my ps4, still have loads of space :)

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