How to Make Witcher 3 Gameplay Experience Badass

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is without any doubt the most beautiful game and is gaining more and more popularity with each coming days especially the PC version of Witcher 3.

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ArchangelMike1234d ago

I wonder if CDPR will bring mods to the consoles? Did the 360 version of Withcer 2 have any mods implemented from the Enhanced Edition on PC?

megatron007331234d ago

That's never gonna happen :D

rdgneoz31234d ago

Not gonna happen. Also, besides the difficulty changes to enemy hp and damage, all the other changes make the game easier (adrenaline doesn't drain, stamina regenerates almost instantly, and all skills/slots available from start) or more casual friendly (not having to worry about air or carrying capacity - it starts at 1,000...). How does that make the game "badass"?

Saijahn1234d ago

Nope, mods will only exist on PC, which begs the question why don't games on consoles have cheats these days. I miss being able to run around like an unstoppable god in games.

Then whatever cheat or exploit that is in console games gets fixed in a patch, while PC has free roam to do as they please with a game.

TW2 you could mod the game using Modio on 360.

ArchangelMike1234d ago

What I mean is - if CDPR themsleves will release a patch that will allows say... the overburden camera angle, or a patch that will add a new difficulty level - Dark Mode etc.

You can call it DLC if you want, if that'll make it more palatable. For example on PC you can get mods that will change your horse. Meanwhile CDPR can release DLC on consoles that allow you to change your horse.

See what I'm getting at? CDPR can handle the mods.. erm.. I mean DLC.. :)

ArchangelMike1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

EDIT double post.

Basically CDPR can make these changes to the game and release these as DLC packs. I'd buy a Dark Mode - insane difficulty DLC pack for example.

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zsquaresoff1234d ago

Witcher 3 is gaining popularity on both xbone and ps4 and not just on Pc.

Didn't Hatred beat Witcher 3 from the top on steam?

TedCruzsTaint1234d ago

Even the title states "especially", indicating that it's gaining popularity on all platforms. The mod scene, and the fact that, up until now, the series has been rather PC-centric, is good enough reason to back the statement.

As for Hatred, if that's true, it was only for a minute. And it's easy to see how the recent release of a highly talked about, arguably sensationalist title release would bog down even a much higher quality product for a minute. Especially a fair time after release.

TedCruzsTaint1234d ago

If you find fault in my logic, it's a lot more effective, let alone mature, to offer a rebuttal of some description.
Clicking that 'disagree' and running is only for those without any point of their own.

oIITSBIIo1234d ago

Cool mod, I'll give it a try.

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aquaticDonut1234d ago

Eh. I prefer vanilla death march over this.

Maxor1234d ago

Yeah this mod sucks. On Death March enemies already hit a hell lot faster and has more health. Increasing their health 80% more is just stupid.

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