MS: Marketplace design "not our smartest moment"

CVG report's: The current 360 dashboard doesn't make "all the things it could do" clear to Xbox owners, and with the current Marketplace design it's "too hard to find content", said Xbox Live boss Marc Witten.

"When we designed our Marketplace we expected 100-200 items to be in there," he continued. "That was not our smartest moment ever, but today we're sitting with about 20,000 items in the system and that number is growing really fast. We found out from our customers that it's too hard to find content and people get lost in the user interface."

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drdre743738d ago

yeah I get lost on that thing all the time.


It will probably be fixed at fall update.

Tempist3738d ago

Wasn't it praised all last year for being way better than the PSN Store (which was web based at the time)?

I don't want to start a fight, but really, this seems like back-pedaling from a lot of comments made about it. (Or perhaps those were thing said from the legions of fanboys on both sides.)

Ateanboy3738d ago

"So what did we decide to do, you ask? We decided to take a look at what the competition is doing. We took a look around the PS Store and could understand what made it so user-friendly. And then we chose to incorporate that into our Marketplace."

Basicly, the teacher has become the student.

Mr PS33738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Your Smartest moment

Was actually Inventing the RROD

Leathersoup3738d ago

Wow that would have seemed witty if it was spelled correctly or made sense.

cow moolester3738d ago

Yea...not your smartest move Mr Ps3

cliffbo3738d ago

wait a minute isn't that the XMB in reverse? instead of scrolling left and right then up and down, you scroll up and down then left and right. yet another Sony innovation. trouble is it's not going to be on Viaos, PSPs, Phones and PS3s... MS are still missing the point of Sony's strategy

Tsalagi3738d ago

I never understood all the complaining about the marketplace design. All you have to do is READ and you can find anything you want. If it takes a large animated picture for you find a demo or something then you shouldn't be allowed to play your system unsupervised.

nirwanda3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I actually preferred it before they revised it the last time when you could see more on screen rather than all this large font menu's stuff with sub menu's for everything it was much better when you could see what was new straight away

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