Heroes of the Storm Launches Today, Touches on a New Character

As one of five premium titles available on, through the Battle Net Client, Blizzard is actively releasing Heroes of the Storm to the public this morning. Featuring an objective-centered MOBA platform, Heroes of the Storm has to this point set itself apart with a respectable community and teamwork at its center.

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JoeIsMad1287d ago

I've been playing since Alpha and while I can say it's too different than League of Legends to compare, I DO play Heroes more often.

Stevefantisy1287d ago

Awesome, blizzard has really done a great job so far with this game.

JoeIsMad1287d ago

Totally! It's a great piece, needing very little refinement.

Jacktrauma1287d ago

I love that win or lose, I've always had a great time with it. Lots of fun!

Eldyraen1287d ago

A few cheap heroes now and again but otherwise I enjoy it. Most have downsides but half of them are situational or easy to work around.

I love jumping Nova though when people think she's safe. It's most gratifying pummeling one can manage.

TricksterArrow1286d ago

Really? I love pounding Zeratul, Valla and Jaina much more, since Nova is basically a one-shot hero...

WizzroSupreme1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Looks great.

mep691286d ago

So many choices from Diablo 2 and they add this crappy one ¬_¬

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