Best new games in 2015 (up to this point)

In a year where every second game is a re-release or an HD remake or a combination of the two, it is rare to see something original or at least a new take on a popular genre. With that being said I cannot simply discard sequels that are highly anticipated. But alas, here are some of the games that came out in 2015 and have dazzled with their gameplay, story, visual presentation, atmosphere and made us believe in gaming.

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PowerPlayaaa1259d ago


G.O.T.D for me ( Game of the Decade)
Alongside the last of us :)

EditorAtGNG1259d ago

Gotta admit, the game is pretty kick ass. A true spiritual successor of the Souls series without that old baggage bullshit some series tend to drag with themselves (*cough* Assassin's Creed, *cough) :D

The Witcher 3 is very close though and with the arrival of Batman: Arkham Knight things are sure to get heated before the year is done (this is all for the better of course, when there are great games that battle for our attention, we the players always gain).

helterskelter1259d ago

Bloodborne on Ps4 and The Witcher on PC! Such a great time to own both platforms :)

Magicite1259d ago

aaaaaaaaaaand nothing for wiiu..

EditorAtGNG1259d ago Show
bmwfanatic1259d ago

Bloodborne for me witcher a close second.

dreamoner1259d ago

Witcher for me, haven't played bloodborne.

Let's see how this will turn out

*standing by*

EditorAtGNG1259d ago

Talk about being hyped already. After Fallout: New Vegas and the craziness that is Skyrim (even after 4 years) it is easy to start imagining what Bethesda has in store for a fully fledged sequel.

Jalva1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 are both amazing games that are of incredibly high quality, you've got some real stinkers this year too though like Evovle, The Order: 1886 and Battlefield Hardline, then you've got the games that fall somewhere in-between like Dying Light, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and Mortal Kombat X, but having 2 games with a Metacritic score in the 90's in the first 5 months of the year is a huge accomplishment in itself, and there are plenty more amazing games still to come this year.

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