Four screenshots of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

IO Interactive will bring a new hitman game to the Xbox 360 and PC in 2007 under the name Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. The game is about two insane brothers and team-play will be an important part of the game.

The whole game will be third-person perspective, just like Hitman was. It will feature online play and also co-op mode. Today four new screenshots, check them out.

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Scrumptious4328d ago

looks fantastic and original. Let's see how the Sony fanboys tear this one up though.

InMyOpinion4328d ago

I've seen this game running, it looks way better than anyone could expect. The trailers shown are actual ingame graphics. Looks a lot like Max Payne gameplaywise.

THAMMER14327d ago

This game is going to rock hard. I can not wait.

headblackman4327d ago

there is no stopping microsoft with these kind of titles being pumped out of the system :) everyday im more impressed with my xbox360 and proud to own one :)

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