Cliffy B talks GOW2 improvements

Scandinavian site Gamereactor talks to Cliffy B about the improvements made to Gears of War 2, what new enemies you get to meet and what's new in the game.

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ape0074451d ago

but I see minor imrovments more than that 2 in front of the title

it's like gears of war:reloaded

cliffy,just look at call of duty 4 If you want to make a true sequel

Highwayman4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

I disagree with this. Gears of War 2 is set to be epic, remember that the build we seen isn't going to represent the final build of this game.

The gameplay looks good and there are enough features and MP modes to merit a "true sequel"

Tell what COD4 did that makes it such a "true sequel"?

It's still a run and gun FPS, same core mechanics of gameplay. Except it went modern and has a lvling system, by this do you mean "true sequel"?

EDIT: WHy do they always post that stupid looking picture of CB?!
He looks like he has down syndrome in that pic.

@ below.

Are you kidding? Over a abbreviation?! So what if some calls it GOW2?!

i_eatbreakfast4lunch4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

gameplay doesnt need to be improved in my opinion but..

make it so it doesn't look like an overgrown hunchback troll running around, make the people look more realistic

Monchichi0254451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

We'll call it what we want. And we'll continue calling it GoW2 over and over again even if ya like it or not!

But GoW2 is looking freakin AWESOME! I'm loving everything about it so far. And contrary to the guy above, I like the character design with the huge guys. Gives the game character. I mean, put any of those characters in a picture by themselves and most gamers will automatically know there from GoW.

badz1494451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

there will be improvements because it's going to "Bigger, Better and more Badass!" hehe...I found that 3B too hillarious!! I can't stop laughing!


have you ever met someone with down syndrome? they are suppose to look DOWN, not erecting with gun like a RETARDED KID!

P4KY B4451d ago

Try this.

Type GOW into google and then click I'm feeling lucky.


Maldread4451d ago

ape007, well i don`t own a 360, but i certainly would like one for GOW2.

Highwayman, sorry for the pic. I thought it was kind of funny, but`ll use another one next time (maybe) ;)

JoKeR4451d ago

Its too bad COD4 takes no skill.

Kleptic4451d ago

^^ I always love people saying that...

let me totally sucked at it?...I hear that 'this game is so easy, you guys should try a real shooter' in the room before the game launches...why does the guy saying that always end up like 4 and 20?...and for some reason, they also always have a P90 and DE, with juggernaut, extra penetration, and bandoliers as perks?

Highwayman4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

Badz149: have you ever met someone with down syndrome? they are suppose to look DOWN, not erecting with gun like a RETARDED KID!

I hope this was a stab at humor. The real question is have you seen what a person with down syndrome looks like? They aren't supposed to "look down"...Clearly you've no idea what you're talking about.

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Truplaya4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

i know it looks similar to the first one but if they added new MP modes, a whole new longer campaign, crawling, bullet shields, cover system improvements, new weapons, new characters, slightly better graphics, increases 4v4 to 5v5, new maps,new enemies, horde mode and all the rest; i'd pay £35 for that addon.

They may as well put it on another disc and sell it as a full game to save downloading it.

poos34451d ago

atleast it does not take microsfot 5 years to make the best looking /playing action shooter on any console which to no doubt gears of war 2 will be.

LTC4451d ago

What improvements?

Truplaya4451d ago

ive listed some of them in the gamerzone, there are many, many improvements.

GametimeUK4451d ago

... the first GeOW game so its obvious I will prolly like GeOW2... I just wanted a sweet innovative feature for GeOW2 to really freshen up the experience... I dont think I will find this game as good since the cover system wont be new or the visuals...

Truplaya4451d ago

Horde might be that feature. Its gonna be so addictive and i cant think of any other game with a mode like it.

Mr_Showtime14451d ago

Its basically a slightly different approach to terrorist hunt from Rainbow 6

edhe4451d ago

Unreal Tournament Invasion mod.

Or even Heavy Weapon on the 360 xbla.

Truplaya4451d ago

I stand corrected, i forgot about invasion on UT.

Rainbow6 terrorist hunt doesnt count because nothing respawns and gets harder. there are no levels on each map, just one level

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