Why Nintendo Using An Android Operating System For Their Next Console Is A Smart Move

It was recently revealed that Nintendo ’s next console, codenamed NX, will use an Android based operating system. This is by no means indicative of a shift into mobile pastures for the device and is in fact a very smart move by the gaming giant.

The reasoning behind this shift is due to the fact Android is a common operating base for developers to work off of, which in theory should facilitate more games for the platform as developers are used to working within it.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

It's a RUMOR.
They CLAIM they have some sort of legit source, but not only do they not name names, there has been no official word from Nintendo, either.
Until this can be PROVEN, it shouldn't be discussed as if Nintendo themselves verified it.

Dubaman1238d ago

Its already been confirmed as not true:

Many people are too quick to jump to conclusions and report 'rumours' as fact, to get the clicks. Modern journalism at it's finest.

Dunban671238d ago

I agree- that was sloppy writing by the Forbes blogger

If journalist start using leaks as verified sources we will never be able to believe even the most basic news reported