Gamefly Charts: SoulCalibur IV On Top

The highly anticipated Soulcalibur IV takes the top spot on the cross-platform Gamefly Top Ten 'Most Queued' list. Following close behind is Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3/Xbox 360). Mario Super Sluggers is at the top of the Nintendo Wii Queue as well...

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested list:

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ry-guy3741d ago

This is like using for your sales data.

PirateThom3741d ago

Except, this is the oppsite, at least amazon indicates people are buying, this is all lost sales.

deeznuts3740d ago

It's just a sample of demand. It isn't bible, but interesting info.

Cyber Gamer3741d ago

for sure Soul calibur IV take the top place cross-platform because there is not any fighting games out there to play

Cusco3741d ago

Tekken 5: DR, VF5, DOA4.
There are fighting games, just not particularly good ones.

shine13963741d ago

you should really add ''in my opinion' cause the titles you listed there are some greatest ones...I was losing it with the tekken series and tekken 5 DR just pulled it back, v. good game. and Virtua fighter five, critically acclaimed and to me is the game to beat this generation; fighting wise. Whilst we're talking about the genre, how about the new naruto, fully 3d, it's looking to be a dark horse in my opinion.

Dir_en_grey3741d ago

guess gamefly is buying 360 versions only... No way that the PS3 version's demands are that low.

ceedubya93741d ago

360 games are usually at the top on Gamefly. I think that 360 gamers just rent more here than PS gamers.