'The Witcher 3' Puts A Whole Lot Of Pressure On 'Fallout 4'

The internet has been awash with breathless praise for The Witcher 3, and with good reason. It’s a shocking accomplishment, setting a new bar for world-building in video games and offering a world of staggering scope and depth, especially coming from such a small team at CD Projekt Red. Expect continuing coverage on that from Forbes as we keep playing. But The Witcher 3 isn’t the only open world RPG in town, not by a long shot. Had you asked your average game player what the best open world RPG out there was a few weeks ago, the word “Skyrim” would have come up a whole lot. It’s up for debate whether or not The Witcher 3 takes that crown, but one thing is for sure: the pressure is on Bethesda to reassert themselves as the masters of the genre. Lucky for them, they’ve got a big opportunity coming up in the form of Fallout 4.

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MrSwankSinatra1239d ago

If Fallout 4 get's announced nobody will be talking about the Witcher 3 and you can bet on that.

greenmiker1239d ago

I prefer games on style Witcher to be honest.

MrSwankSinatra1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I'm not implying that one is better than the other. It's really more of a generalization is what I'm saying like once Fallout 4 gets announced that's all what most people will be talking about while The Witcher 3 takes a backseat. Fallout 4 is such an anticipated game that it would overshadow The Witcher 3 with just an announcement.

OT: If were talking preferences I do prefer more futuristic WRPG's like Fallout and Deus Ex.

Ezz20131238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

here what i will do when Fallout 4 get announced:

1. block

2. play the hell out of witcher 3 until fallout4 comes out

3. play fallout4 and witcher 3
love them both equaly

raWfodog1238d ago

@ MrSwankSinatra

Yes, people of course will be TALKING about Fallout 4 whenever it gets announced but they'll still be playing Witcher 3 and talking about it. I think there's more than enough room to discuss all of our games without it having to be one or the other.

bunt-custardly1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

@ MrSwankSinatra

I kinda agree and disagree with this comment at the same time. Am I allowed to do that?

Mr-Dude1239d ago

Yes, I join you with that comment

EvilWay1238d ago

Yes, I am with you as well.

Most people didn't even know the Witcher existed at all until we saw The Witcher 3 and the hype train started because we have never gotten something so beautiful and big (which didn't end up living up to its graphics from the initial trailer but who expects it to).

Fallout will be hyped from the beginning and rightfully so I can't wait I hope we get the 30 minute gameplay that is rumored

Echo4191238d ago

Bethesda's games are getting old now. Fallout 4 will just be a Fallout based on the extremely dated and glitch filled Skyrim engine, with a smaller map size to boot and less quests than ever; at least that's the growing trend with Bethesda's RPGs.

camel_toad1238d ago

Bethesda may have issues with quality control and Ill be the first to admit their overall art style generally sucks but there's no way theyll use the skyrim engine. Fallout 4 will be current gen/pc only so it's bound to be a new engine.

Irishguy951238d ago

PC only??

No way man, i'm a pc gamer myself. This is BETHESDA. Oblivion was an updated Morrowind was an updated daggerfall and Skyrim was an updated Oblivion engine....get it? Fallout 3 and NV were also both Oblivion engine.

iSuperSaiyanGod1238d ago

I will still be talking about it , so you just lost that bet . I'm not a huge fallout fan

MrSwankSinatra1238d ago

It was a generalization IE: Most people. Again I never said either one was better than the other. That's all preference based.

ArchangelMike1238d ago

People will still be talking about The Witcher 3 because ther are playing the game and are immersed in its world. Even if Fallout 4 gets announced right now, the fact is that it won't be released until at least holiday 2016.

kraenk121238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I don't even think both games are comparable really. I know I prefer a fantasy world to a wasteland.

700p1238d ago

i agree. fallout is a more popular franchise.

Grap1238d ago

i guess some people born to be stupid.

N81238d ago

Not even the same game. I would take fallout over Witcher any day.

kbozz711238d ago

lol, yeah I'll take that bet. A great game in the now vs an unknown yet to be released. If anything, if Fallout 4 is announced, they dang sure better hope it's at least almost as good as the Witcher or it will get slaughtered in reviews.

Bigpappy1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I don't see how The Witcher can put any pressure on Fallout4. That is just junk fanboy talk. Maybe DeusX might a bit, but not a sword and horses game. The experiences are completely different.

The pressure I see is on forbes to try and get some traffic on their site.

TedCruzsTaint1238d ago

With many reviewers claiming Witcher 3 not simply one of the best games of the year, but one of the best made . . . I don't see that really being the case.

Besides, Witcher 3 is in the here and now. Fallout 4's far off release is not going to change anything in the here and now.

marlinfan101238d ago

Witcher is far too good of a game to take a back seat to a game that probably won't release for another 6 months- a year.

I'll be playing witcher probably until the holiday games start coming out so I'll be talking about it until then

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LAWSON721238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

The Witcher 3 will never be the world that is Fallout but the fact remains it will still be a very well crafted RPG. No game especially in the RPG genre can be considered some sort of alternative or trade off. Games like The Witcher and Fallout are unique either you experience both (at least try to) or you lose.

Fallout 4 still has a lot to prove but learning from a game like the Witcher really is not what it needs to do except maybe in some of the technical aspects. It needs to find new ways to immerse the player and feel like they are apart of the wasteland again but with much more that their disposal including massive amount of content. Fallout has such rewarding aspects when it comes to adventuring, while a game like Witcher 3 is kind of like a bunch of linear quests that are just scattered across a huge map. (Not trying to make that sound like a bad thing especially when you compare it to Bioware games which pale in comparison). If anything ME4 needs to learn a thing or two from the talent at CDPR.

KryptoniteTail1238d ago


no it doesnt

Hoffmann1238d ago

Would wish that Fallout 4 would be a bit more MadMax like

xTheMercenary_1238d ago

You want a Mad Max style game get the actual game then lol

Hellsvacancy1238d ago

Logic gets thrown waaaaaaaay outta the window on N4G quite often

xTheMercenary_1238d ago

@Hellsvacancy Damn straight bro

Quofo1238d ago

As good of a game that Witcher is, Fallout>Witcher.

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