From Mods to Millions - The Four Demons Valve's Paid Mods Plan Must Slay

A discussion of four potentially not-so-obvious consequences of Valve introducing a paid economy to a community accustomed to a model of free distribution.

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CoyoteHunter1238d ago

Opening a can of worms with this article :) Honestly, I think the idea of content creators being reimbursed for their work is utterly the correct approach. I am sympathetic towards Valve allowing the inclusion of a 'Donate' button on a mod's page rather than forcing people to pay for content though.

SlappingOysters1238d ago

Great article. I wonder how the Bandcamp Name Your Price system works for musicians. Do people pay, if so what percentage? Maybe that is the model?

Macka10801237d ago

The Humble Bundle (and similar pay-what-you-want schemes) seem to do rather well, so I agree that this might be a reasonable way to go. Especially if the contributors were able to choose the money split, perhaps from a selection of options (to prevent gaming the system)

shipnabottle1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Great article. Wonder if a system where I think the latest Unity version went free and after a certain amount of sales a royalty would be taken from the developer using the engine? Something like that.

I think that might be a fair system to use for mods, as the original game is the source for the mod (engine) and the mod is the game made using it.

As far as the multiple developers issue, I think a credit system similar to music song writing would take care of that issue.

Loving the quality of these pieces though. Need more of this on the interwebz.

Not all of us have an attention span the length of "tl;dr"

Macka10801237d ago

Another great possible solution! Especially since monitoring a threshold of earnings would be far simpler given the payment integration through Steam. It'd probably have to be per modder, rather than per mod, but it could allow for a staggered royalty system, where the more money a mod makes, the larger percentage the original developer takes. That would ameliorate some of the reluctance for smaller modders to charge in fear of losing all their profits to someone else.