This Guy Is Better at Bloodborne Than You Are

Pushsquare: Bloodborne, blimey – remember that? It was the PlayStation 4 flavour of the month before The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came out and everyone started playing that instead. Fortunately, streamer extraordinaire Craddoc hasn't forgotten about From Software's excellent exclusive – and has opted to play through the entire game without levelling up, healing, summoning, or using guns.

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Rimeskeem1261d ago

And then there was me, on the first boss, after 5 hours of grinding, and I still couldn't beat it.

Snookies121261d ago

I was rather new to the Souls series and didn't play much of it. I guess I just got the hang of the combat rather quickly in my case, as I beat both the first area's bosses on my second try.

Rimeskeem1261d ago

I'll admit, I suck at these games.

nix1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

why this guy? i'm sure every guy is better than me when it comes to Soul series and Bloodborne.

EDIT: since ppl are talking Witcher 3 and Bloodborne, i still haven't picked up W3 even though that was what i wanted earlier in the year. after playing Bloodborne i want to take like few months of break before i play any other games because nothing will come close to the euphoria that Bloodborne gives.

Right now i'm just reading up the Witcher series. i'm at book 5 "Lady of the Lake" and 60% done, which is the last in the series. What story though. I hope Witcher the movie is based on the book because i clearly know that the game is not at all following the book story.

Concertoine1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Just wait in a few months we'll have people beating it with a DJ Hero controller


Pretty sure someone will beat it with a stick eventually

chrish19901261d ago

Im pretty sure some guy did it with a guitar hero controller o.O

TWB1261d ago

Took me 7 hours to kill cleric beast (but only like 2 tries) for me it was the hardness of getting there.

I even spent 30 minutes running in Hunters Dream thinking WTF to do because I had no idea that I had to touch the tombstones.

Buuut once the game opens up, its starts getting easier/better. After beating BB (3 times, 4th ongoing) my friend bought me DS1 for PS3 and I ended up finishing it too (without a shield with <25% equip load).

Theres just a lot of growing pains involved in these games along with a decent amount of BS.

wakeNbake1261d ago

Witcher 3 is amazing, but this is still my GOTY so far.

robtion1261d ago

Agree. Both amazing games but Bloodborne is just a bit more amazimg.

Ebrietas is the hardest boss in the main game (outside chalice dungeons). This guy has some skill.

OmegaZKing131261d ago

My pet rock is better than me at Bloodborne! But it hurts so good!

Volkama1261d ago

Is your pet rock available for some co-op? I'm terrible.

lazyboyblue1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Just 2 trophies away from the platinum but those chalice dungeons are real pain in the backside. Blood starved beast has me stumped again and finding co op help is a frustrating experience. Most of my day is currently spent stood around ringing a poxy beckoning bell.

But game of the year so far.

ChipChipperson1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I remember the Blood Starved Beast being very annoying on my first playthrough, the only thing I could remedy that at the time was by leveling(kill the werewolves) in the area to a higher level for more health, stamina and attack power. Try using the pungent blood cocktail as well. It should help you get a few hits in.

teedogg801261d ago

Yeah that sucker handed my arse to me many, many times until I summoned that AI dude to help out. But that fight against Rom took the cake. First time I ever threw a controller.

bouzebbal1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

i'm on my 5th chalice dungeon i just beat the Abhorrent Beast some days ago.
Not as hard as people claim these dungeons to be. Blood starved beast frustrated me so much in the beginning of the game but i smashed it first try in the chalice dungeon. Abhorrent Beast is way more challenging.. that thing is SO FAST
One more playthrough for the real ending and platinum.

lazyboyblue1261d ago

Luckily I was able to do all 3 endings in one play through. I did miss 1 weapon for the hunters essence trophy though, so I'm hoping that shows up in the dungeons.

bouzebbal1261d ago

you must have been following a guide because it's impossible to have the 3 endings in one playthrough.. i played the game all the way just before the ending and i started the dungeons there before i go finish the game.
I checked a guide there and it turned out that i had to do some story things in a special order.
gonna play through the dungeons (there are many).., i finish the game for 2 endings and new game+ for the last one.
missing weapons? i found beast claw in the dungeons so far. no idea how many i need to have i need to check that out

lazyboyblue1261d ago

I just made sure I had all three umbilical cords prior to the last boss. Then I duplicated the save onto the cloud. Beat the boss 3 times with the same original cloud save. Pretty straightforward stuff tbh.
But like I said, finding the chalice dungeons a real struggle. Think I need to grind my stats up a bit.
And pray for a capable co op partner!

Germany71261d ago

I'm still playing and a lot of people too as well.

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