Is 2K Games Holding Back a Console Version of XCOM 2 for an Exclusivity Deal?

Castle Pyramid - 2K Games recently announced that a sequel to turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, created by Firaxis Games, was being developed and that it would be released in November 2015. However, unlike its predecessor, XCOM 2 is slated to be released for the PC platform first and then Mac and Linux platforms. This has left console gamers puzzled considering that XCOM was also released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 around the same time as the PC version. So could 2K Games be holding back a console version in hopes of an exclusivity deal with Sony or Microsoft?

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aLucidMind1287d ago

Doubtful. Civ5 sold extremely well as a PC exclusive, and XCOM sold very poorly on consoles in comparison to how it sold on PC. While I would like to have XCOM on console, this would be one of the few games that I'd buy on PC. Especially after the Long War mod.

SeanDKnight1286d ago

Unfortunately, we don't have access to Enemy Unknown's sales figures, so that is just an assumption.

freshslicepizza1286d ago

these guys are pc guys first and foremost making the game so i like the idea consoles are in no way holding the game back. it's likely a case of figuring out afterwards how best to tweak it for console gamers such as for a controller.

gamer91286d ago

Controller already figured out. Xcom enemy unknown.

MilkMan1286d ago

I said this before and I'm going to say this again. When you don't make your games for the console you leave millions of dollars behind and no developers/publisher wants that. Especially this day and age. PC simply doesn't generate that kind of money. Check your history and if you need a current lesson in economics read what CD P said about the very existence of Witcher 3. It would have existed without the console version.
Its just modern day economics.
So, please, stop with the PC only will generate all the cash we need. NO DEV wants that. They want the grand prize, not the adoration of the few with the specs to run theirs games in ultra settings..
This being said. Xcom should make an appearance on consoles, I played the first one on both platforms and enjoyed them. Its nice to have options on my platform of choice.

freshslicepizza1286d ago

of course it's nice to have that option but this industry doesn't always work the way we want it to.

SeanDKnight1286d ago

I agree that it can be very lucrative for developers to make their games a multi-platform game. Though, as a PC gamer, it pains me to agree that you are correct that the PC doesn't generate that kind of money.

However, I would have to say that you are partially correct. There are entire genres on the PC, that don't really exist on consoles, which are able to generate a ton of money. MMOs and MOBAs immediately come to mind (strategy games as well). However, when it comes to AAA gaming, they are not very lucrative on PC. Instead, Indies and mid-tier games have a higher success rate on PC then they do on consoles. And usually generates more money for those developers.

DeadlyFire1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Depends on the game really. RTS, Strategy, Free to Play, and simulation games are gold mines on PC. Everything else is kinda average on sales. Competitive e-Sport like titles are booming as well. In the past 2 or more years I have not seen Counter-Strike: Global Operations leave Steams top ten selling games for the week.

There comes a point where the console version makes just enough or barely enough to cover costs that you don't see it as a necessary option when certain game genres try to move over to consoles.

Certain genres just don't do well on consoles and do extremely well on PC. It has always been the case.

I do have to disagree with the assumption that PC doesn't do enough sales. If that was the case games wouldn't have PC attached to them so often when being announced. Digital sales are not listed on any site and many games do pretty well on PC over longer sales time frames. Console gamers are more about here and now games. PC gamers can wait and buy it cheap more often and sometimes digitally. Steam has an daily active user base that is larger than XBL and PSN. Origin also has a sizeable daily active user base.

I also agree that not many developers out there that say we want to only release on one platform unless they are owned by that platform holder. Why well because they could multiply their income. I don't doubt that XCOM 2 has plans for console releases in the future. It did well I believe. So its likely to try to expand more so.

someOnecalled1286d ago

you do no if the witcher wasnt one consoles it would still be would still be a witcher 3 right. idiot console fanboys. cant even comprehend what they was saying. bigger budget doesnt mean a game cant be made if their was a smaller budget. also their is a lot of games that sell poorly on consoles. if it wasnt for final fantasy being attach in name to the name mmos wouldnt even sell on consoles.

aLucidMind1286d ago

Well, obviously; I'm not disputing that. I actually agree whole-heartedly with you. Like I said, I'd rather have it be cross-platform rather than an exclusive. I bought XCOM:EU and EW on consoles, then bought the EU/EW Complete bundle on Steam.

However, it is not always leaving money on the table if we're only looking at the money gained from the project. If the game cost more to make on the XBox One than that version sells, they lost money in their investment on that platform. If this happens with both PS4 and XBox One, it is understandable as to why they would go PC exclusive if that's where the bulk of their profit came from. But then there is the argument that, if the diminishing return from a platform is negligible, it should be seen as a form of advertising.

Either way, there needs to be more strategy games on consoles.

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Fro_xoxo1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

I doubt it ..
One can only speculate ..

That Keyboard and mouse is essential..

camel_toad1287d ago

Huge xcom fan but the controller works great with xcom which is what I used every time I played it on pc - and I played it A LOT including iron man ;)

MysticStrummer1286d ago

K&M is essential for a turn based strategy game? No. I've played RTS with a controller so turn based games can easily be done, and have been.

SeanDKnight1286d ago

For an RTS I game, I would definitely agree with you. However, XCOM is turn-based, which makes it more forgivable for controllers.

Maxor1286d ago

Xcom is fine with a controller, hell it's even just as good on a tablet!

CorndogBurglar1286d ago

X-Com Enemy Unknown and Within were perfectly fine with a controller. There's nothing in that game that makes a keyboard and mouse "essential".

If they can make a game like Diablo 3 work well with a controller then X-Com is a no-brainer.

someOnecalled1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

it can be done with controller just extremely slow and dumbed down. the game has been dumbed down then the previous version for consoles.

most likely their are just going to port later or try and wait for a timed exclusive deal. time exclusives is all the rave now.

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TheColbertinator1287d ago

I prefer it stay PC exclusive(Mac and Linux) included but I dont if a version appears on Xbone or PS4

s45gr321287d ago

This means a more complex and sophisticated sequel. But, I am pretty sure it may land on consoles.

SeanDKnight1286d ago

I doubt 2K games would want to make it more complex considering that Enemy Unknown was eventually ported to mobile devices. Considering that Take-Two is most likely increasing its focus on mobile, it wouldn't surprise me if XCOM 2 is being developed with an eventual port to mobile this time around.

s45gr321286d ago

That's the beauty of mobile devices, that game developers don't need to simplify the game unless they want to. Example Albion Online is turning into a deep complex game and then there is HeartStone, is as complex as the PC version. A game developer must simplify the game if it comes to console.

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