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IamTylerDurden11286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Still love my PS3 and my backlog is enormous, PS4 is taking up my gaming time idk if i'll ever get to some of these PS3 games. It is just a joy to play the PS4 with my Pulse Elites and a custom audio app.

nitus101286d ago

I have the original backwards compatible PS3 and while PS2 games don't have the graphic goodness of a PS3 game the output is a bit like an up-scaled DVD which on may 55" HDTV still looks good and the gameplay has not changed. Of course I do have quite a backlog of PS3 games as well (Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Skyrim anybody).

I was going to get a PS4 if it was bundled with Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, Dragon Age - Inquisition and/or Dark Souls 2 but then again I can afford to be picky since I still have allot of RPG's on my PS3 to play.

Must keep my hands off FFX, FFXII and Dragon Quest 8... Ah it's no good it's too tempting and that is just three of my 60 PS2 games. Damn! I almost forgot I have Resident Evil IV and King's Field IV... Sigh! :-)

Minute Man 7211286d ago

Listen, you need to make time

Magicite1286d ago

Im finishing my PS3 backlog right now, just need to wait for Tales of Zestiria if it doesnt come to PS4 and Im done.

OT - Im glad Sony is still supporting PS3 with updates, I hope it gets to see its 10th anniversary.

spunkee3111286d ago

I am in the same boat. I have a huge huge backlog of unwrapped PS3 games. I still think the PS3 is a excellent console with a lot of life. Regardless of it being 9 years old.

I still think they could make some improvements to the PSN store and download list, if you have a lot of DLC it is quite hard to navigate through. Ps3 will still have some life in the next few years and Millions of dollars worth of DLC will still be sold.

Wallow1286d ago

I heard those headphones are quite good is that true?

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jocomat91286d ago

"At the moment no patch notes have been released, but at first sight no large changes have been introduced to the system."

THats it?? not even the size of the update was listed? Pretty pointless article really.

Palitera1286d ago

B-B-But it has N4G's seal of approval...

G20WLY1286d ago

Well it was news to me that there had been a firmware update for PS3 at all, because I rarely turn it on other than when they give you new games each month through PS Plus.

They've updated the article with patch notes now, so hopefully it now has YOUR seal of approval...smdh

Palitera1286d ago

Doesn't change the fact that the initial "news" was close to useless and a mere placeholder/click bait.

freshslicepizza1286d ago

you can never have enough stability updates

Dee_911286d ago

where's my cross game chat?

Phoenix761286d ago

Its right here......... on the PS4.

Kavorklestein1286d ago

@phoenix76 that was a Don Mattrick response if I ever heard it...

Travis37081286d ago

Where is the PS4 updates?? I really need
Online friend notfications
Custom backgrounds
USB video support
and so on...

LilMassacre1286d ago

I would just be happy with external hard drive support to store games not just back up data.

Lirky1286d ago

Avatar features static & animated Avatars.

1286d ago
The_KELRaTH1286d ago

Rather than just a message popping up saying theres a message there should be an option to display the message and a timer for how long it stays on screen.

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Brooklynbully1231286d ago

Update turns you're ps3 to a ps4

Pazto1286d ago

So, it will make run Ultra SF4 worst as well? :D

KwietStorm1286d ago

Yes it will make run Ultra SF4 worst as well.

Facking wat?

MultiConsoleGamer1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

It's amazing and highly commendable that this system still receives so much tech support. That's what you call standing behind your product.

It might be a small and meaningless change to some, but it shows the dedication the company has to the machine.

Hold_It1286d ago

It's just patching out an exploit, nothing new here.

dantesparda1286d ago

Exactly, its just patching out a exploit cause that's all they really care about now, is making sure they don't lose any money. There are still bugs there that I've had all along that have never been patched out. It sucks that they haven't added anything new in years. And im starting to feel the same way about the PS4's updates, almost 2 years in and its still missing a ton of basic features, meanwhile, month after month the X1 keeps gets more and more new features. Not to mention its about to get a new OS and API. And what does the PS4 get? not even sure fix to the AF issue. I mean just look at Street Figthers which just came out and doesn't have any AF. Im starting to really get sick of this. Heck just look at how much of the "gap" they've let close graphically with the X1. Where you cant even say that the PS4 has the definitely superior version of games anymore. Just look at Witcher, where yeah the PS4 has the higher res, but X1 has the better framerate. What a letdown.

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